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18 October 2017


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Lumumba, 2
(Aired 10 September 2001)

      I should probably not do this commentary, since it is my response to a press release from Mr. Lumumba which contains such phrases as my "Being a member of the rich who can shoot the poor and still enjoy the benefits of being friends of politicians and high ranking members of the ruling class" and.... "Of course Mr. Vieira has always enjoyed these things [playgrounds] since his family had the capacity to donate grounds and build private Gyms" and ...."I would be grateful if Mr. Vieira grace the nation with a commentary that describes how the poor of this country suffered at the hands of land owners and large scale farmers by perpetuating the domination of workers and the wanton violation of labour laws" these and other equally offensive statements which surely the Presidential advisor on community development ought not to be uttering publicly, I think that it degrades the presidential office.

   Lumumba however starts his rabid press release with this incredible sentence "I do not mean to personalise the issue" but he does anyway.

    Ok Odinga lets personalise the issue; I have several questions for you, 1. Can you explain to the Guyanese people how it is that after being this country's number one boxing promoter for almost 18 years, it was only after the PPP empowered you with a government position and removed you from the boxing scene, we ended up with a champion like six head Lewis. It is hardly a situation which can instill any confidence whatsoever in your abilities to manage anything.

   2. Can you explain why it is that you are unaware that you are perceived as a political grasshopper by the members of your race in this country, with some justification I might add, since in less than 10 years you have given your loyalty to the PNC the GGG and now the PPP.

3. Can you explain to the us why it was that when Shadow, the calyposonian, visited this country earlier this year, the public refused to buy tickets for the event, until the promoters assured them through the media, with special, additional advertising, that you, personally, had nothing to do with the promotion. Surely this is not the expected public reaction for a person who was chosen as ethnic window dressing by the PPP to empower the black people in this country, you are not helping the president at all Lumumba, in fact, you are probably doing the opposite.

4. As a result of Mr. Lumumba's long list of successes related to the presidential youth initiative, I visited the Goed Fortuin community center today, it was chosen randomly since it is the closest one to my house, the story aired just before this commentary, does not reassure me that Lumumba is keeping the president's promises to the youth of this country. I will certainly therefore not waste any more of my time visiting the other areas Mr. Lumumba has identified as successes.

     All of this however is really quite irrelevant to my commentary, I have rechecked it and the last line reads and I quote  "finally I have this question, AND I COULD BE WRONG, why were monies not allocated to regions 4 and 8. Since the document I have does not show any monies being allocated for those regions" I faxed this commentary to the office of the president as requested, is it possible that Mr. Lumumba did not read it, or had it read to him if he could not understand it?

    My commentary as I recall questioned the propriety and/or legality of this government handing anyone 11 million dollars to go on a shopping spree and frankly, he has offered no adequate answer. He is not an accounting officer or a permanent secretary, so it was wrong for them to just give him the money to go shopping for the youth conferences. I did not once say that he stole the money.

   But what he has now confirmed, and this frightens me even more, is that a further 200 million was allocated to region 4, and 20 million for region 8, I sincerely hope that they did they not just give him this money to go shopping as in the case with the ministry of labour & health's funds.

   These payments are supposed to be made by submission of the necessary vouchers from the vendors directly to the treasury or to an accredited government accounting officer, and not directly from Mr. Lumumba, that was the point of my commentary, why did he not answer it?

     As for shooting people and getting away with it, the citizens of this country, all of them now, know what the answer to that is. At no time in the history of our wicked colonialist past were these atrocities allowed to be perpetrated on our people, poor or rich, as they are today.

  These rebuttals are becoming boring now, I would like to move on to other issues, but rest assured ladies and gentlemen anyone, Kowlessar, Lumumba who throw stones at me had better not be living in a glass house.  Hopefully they will now see the futility of attacking me personally. The old saying being "easy lesson good for dunce"

   Finally Lumumba, my grandfather Manoel Vieira went into the bush of this country as a poor porknocker and emerged decades later, after years of hardship and privation with enough diamonds to buy land in 1937. He, unlike so many today, got his money the old fashioned way Mr. Lumumba, he earned it. He did not steal it.