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22 October 2017


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Osama Bin Laden
(Aired 14 September 2001)

   Over the past few days I have been studying the terrorist organization of Osama Bin Laden, a name I am predicting that we will probably be hearing about quite frequently within the next few months.

   The events in the US on the 11th of September 2001 will trigger an inevitable sequence of events, which may, I am afraid, amount to war, possibly a world war.

   No ladies and gentlemen, I am not joking or overreacting, world war three may just have started and this time the enemy is all terrorists around the world and the governments that support and protect them, versus the countries with governments that do not support and protect them. 

   To understand this, we have to look at Osama Bin Laden's terrorist network, it is obtainable on the Internet for anyone who wants to spend the time to sift it out.

   Bin Laden is a talker, he likes to gloat over the atrocities he has committed, he is the son of a rich Saudi Arabian landowner, he is well educated, he is of course a fundamentalist Muslim and he publicly declared a holy war a JIHAD on the US in 1998 and called for attacks on them anywhere in the world they happen to have interests. So regardless of who the conductors of the events in the US were on Tuesday, Bin Laden is the composer of it. This may seem strange but if you understand the Bin Laden terrorist network it will become clear.

    The Bin laden terrorist network known as Al-Qaeda, operate in cells around the globe, sometimes a cell or group of cells will operate in a manner which is totally isolated from the other cells. Suspected leaders or masterminds of these cells include Ayman Zawahiri leader of the Egyptian Islamic jihad, he is seen often with Bin Laden. Another key planner may be a Palestinian located in the Gaza known as Abu Zubaydah he is an important operative of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization and may even be the key contact of the terrorist cells operating out of western Europe and the Balkans in the 1990's.

     Incredibly, and this has been the main concern of the American people, very little is actually known about Al Qaeda, no actual penetration of any of its cells have ever been accomplished by Washington or the CIA.

    The criticism therefore is that the US intelligence agencies have spent too much time and effort looking for High Tech methods of attack by terrorist organisations on the American people, i.e. nuclear and biological weapons from Iraq for example, and not enough time and resources gathering information, about the operations and functions of the Bin Laden terrorist network. Operations which are now described as high concept and low tech. High concept in the sheer magnitude of the operation and low Tech in that the United States' own commercial airliners, heavily laden with fuel for long journeys were literally used as flying bombs, and not Nuclear or biological weapons. Ladies and gentlemen, a Boeing 757 is a mid range narrow body aircraft which can carry as much as 24,000 gallons of fuel and 300 passengers, the 767 and 747 are a wide body long range aircraft and can carry 50,000 gallons of fuel and over 350 passengers. They are extremely dangerous weapons when used as these terrorists have done.  

     To say therefore that the US intelligence organizations have failed its people, is a fair comment in that, for example, after the Bombings of the two US embassies in Dar Es Salaam and Nairobi in Africa in 1998, no actual connection has ever been made directly to Bin Laden himself. Even though the Americans bombed his headquarters in Afghanistan shortly after the attacks on the embassies in 1998 in an effort to eliminate him, but Bin Laden, who it is alleged, does not stay in one place more than 2 days, escaped. That they allowed him and Al Qaeda to function and indeed flourish after 1998, to accomplish what was done on Tuesday 11th is a very serious indictment indeed.

   The high concept characteristics of Tuesday's attacks are mind boggling. Imagine, ladies and gentlemen, assembling a group of 18 men and women, imagine that these people know in advance that they must die in the attacks they are being trained for, imagine that for over a year maybe even two they learnt to fly US commercial airliners mainly 757's, 767's and 747's with enough skill to crash them into strategic targets, imagine the concept of hijacking four aircraft going the 3000 odd miles from the east coast of north America, to the west coast and therefore laden with over 20 thousand gallons of fuel and are literally flying bombs, imagine hijacking two of these aircraft one from Boston, Massechetus and one from Newark, New Jersey and crashing them into the world trade center's twin towers 18 minutes apart, even though these aircraft took off more than an hour apart, imagine hijacking two other aircraft one also from Boston and one from Dulles on the east coast and crashing one into the pentagon, exactly one hour after the first plane hit the first world trade tower, it was an incredible operation. And have all of the trademarks of the "Al Qaeda" i.e. multiple targets, hit by coordinated terrorist attacks simultaneously, hundreds of miles apart. Both in 1998 in Africa at the US two embassies and on Tuesday.

    As a result, the consequences will have to be that all terrorists, everywhere, must be eliminated along with the governments that support them, especially the Al Qaeda, Bin Laden personally is now quite irrelevant to the entire situation this entire organisation must now be eliminated. Unless it is done no one in America will ever feel safe again and that is unacceptable to them. After the 1998 bombings of the US embassies in Africa, the US issued this warning and I quote "there will be no hesitation in carrying out retaliatory measures" 40 Billion US dollars has now been allocated to the US's reparation and response. After the attack on pearl harbour the Japanese commander of the attack was reported to have said "we have awakened a sleeping Giant and filled him with a terrible resolve" this may have been exactly what happened on Tuesday, already reprisals are being directed against Islamic interests and indeed Muslims in the US. It will not end there.

   For poor countries like Guyana the economic repercussions can be high, already the feeling is that there will be a hike in fuel prices and the British stock exchange has already recorded the rise. What will happen when the US stock Exchange opens on Monday, if it does, is anyone's guess. The Asian stock exchanges have also not fared well since Monday. If the European Union 15-nation organisation decides to join the fray, it can be disastrous for us.