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18 October 2017


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Terroristic Media
(Aired 17 April 2002)

    If I recall, in my commentary on the Ton Ton Macoute, I outlined for the benefit of the citizens of this country, a possible parallel scenario which I specifically said that, they, the people in this country MUST make up their own mind as to whether it had any merit or not. My exact words were and I quote "I am making no claims here ladies and gentlemen, I am proposing a possible scenario, you decide if it has merit" This is a country that guarantees freedom of speech the last time I checked, so my being labelled a terrorist for simply suggesting a reason for a certain phenomena I see going on all around us, has excited a reaction which is nothing short of astonishing, given the circumstances. Perhaps it is true.

   The Acting commissioner of police Mr. Mac Donald, Dr. Prem Mesir, and Dr. Luncheon, have all now labelled me a terrorist or/and supporting disorder and terrorism. If the public in this country find merit in my analogy, then it is these gentlemen who are guilty of terrorism not me.

   Unfortunately for these gentlemen, and I use the word gentlemen with a lump in my throat, the public in this country HAVE accepted the possibility that the analogy is valid, between the Black Clothes police and the Haitian Ton Ton situation all of those years ago.

    In a long article printed in the chronicle Mesir accuses me of doing a commentary which is Quote "ill conceived and smacks of hype and incitement to racial hatred" and that we cannot compare two unlike entities, Mesir and the truth are indeed two unlike entities, his contention is that it is impossible for the feared black clothes police to be carrying out the agenda I suggest and I am inciting racial hatred in this country. Coming from Mesir this is, in its own way, a compliment, since I have witnessed his duplicity first hand. No one can be as accomplished at duplicity than you are Prem.

   Now ladies and gentlemen I have promised to crucify anyone who challenges me wrongfully.

  If I make a mistake I will accept condemnation willingly and will in all probability apologise, but here is a comrade, after living abroad for some years, obtaining a doctorate in only the lord knows what, and who is probably unemployable elsewhere, the several books he has written has had sales which in total which can be eaten in one sitting by 25 termites, telling me that he is unaware that we know that he lied to the non partisan commission on the position of television broadcasters in this country on several issues.   

   He said for example that we agreed to the President selecting all the members of the authority, when in fact we did not, this prompted Kit Nascimento to challenge him, on the lies he was perpetrating on the public. Hardly a gentlemen who can command our respect or be regarded as having any credibility whatsoever, a long time ago Prem, I was told a principle by which I have tried to structure my life, it is better to remain silent and be perceived, to be a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. You have probably libelled me Misir, watch it, before I go and see Rex.

   Do us all a favour Prem seek employment elsewhere assuming that you can find it, since like John Da Silva you do not make a credible apologist for the PPP, the only one who comes close, is that recluse in Barbados the myopic Ricky Singh.

   Now ladies and gentlemen whatever you want to say about our previous Commissioner of Police Mr. Laurie Lewis, he was smart, a master of deception and can cuffuffle all of us with his fancy footwork, demonstrated at the many press briefings we saw him handle over the years. One can hardly compare poor Mr. Mac Donald with the personable and intelligent but slippery Laurie.  

     So our acting Commissioner is left with an agenda which he does not fully understand, and he is incapable of defending it, since he cannot do the foxtrot or the Tango as nimbly as old Laurie. Perhaps he can join the club at the Tower Hotel to learn how, but the must be wary of being kidnapped outside that Hotel, however in the unlikely event that he is kidnapped, one would certainly hope that he does not come up with a such a monstrous cockamamie story, as the last two persons who were kidnapped there, gave us.

    Now we come to the Good Doctor, the people in this country are aware that Roger Luncheon in his weekly press conferences takes nearly one hour to tell us absolutely nothing. And when he does vary his convoluted way of reporting to the press and speaks straight, he invariably gets crucified. In a letter published in the Stabroek News by one Cheddie Joey Jagan last Wednesday, we are told by Joey that Luncheon and 7 others run this country and are the only ones who benefit from the major aspects of the corruption that has become the hallmark of this Administration. Joey tells us that it is luncheon who is failing us, by not issuing gun licenses to the citizens to defend themselves.

   Joey, I want to pause here to tell you that I am reliably informed that for 150 thousand dollars in the right hands, you can get your gun license.

 Joey also tells us that it is Luncheon and this gang who are responsible for the socio-economic chasm that is dividing the nation and are incapable of protecting us, since they are keeping the police force in suspended animation waiting for proper funding to increase their ability to fight crime. He tells us, as if we did not know, that even today the central core of the PPP is socialist/communist and will not change until the Gang of eight is removed from controlling the PPP, he also tells us that the popular vote of the members of the PPP did not favour Bharrat Jagdeo to be the point man for PPP, they chose Moses Nagamootoo, but Moses who like his namesake faithfully wandered in the wilderness with Dr. J for two decades and eight years was not allowed to occupy his rightful position in the promised land, presumably because Moe could not be relied upon to dance to the Freedom House tune once we gave him the huge executive powers we confer on our Presidents.

   But imagine ladies and gentlemen, you have a congress, to which you invite all the members of the PPP to decide who will become the Presidential candidate to replace the ailing Mrs. Jagan, the party members of the PPP in a democratic process decide they want Nagamootoo but they are all overruled and Jagdeo is selected by the leadership of the PPP especially Mrs. Jagan to be the point man for the Presidency.

     These are the people who are administering our democracy in this country today, led, young Cheddie contends, by Dr. Luncheon, who is, in my opinion daily committing every conceivable misdemeanour possible in public office. If we had a proper and independent judicial system in this country, Roger Luncheon would be behind bars as several people in the Panday administration have discovered over the past several weeks in Trinidad. Do not accuse me of terrorism Dr. Luncheon; point your finger somewhere else. Start with the man in the mirror, assuming of course that you have one and whilst you are at it, perhaps you can do something about that beard.

   This is the real world ladies and gentlemen and getting realer every day, soon with the way trade barriers and subsidies are being dismantled all over the planet, we will be forced to compete without the handouts we are currently receiving. They tell the public that we have an open economy driven by the private sector, that they want big business to flourish that it is the only way forward for us, it is a lie, let me use one example.

  The rice industry is on the verge of economic collapse but our government only has a plan to help the small rice farmers and to hell with the bigger ones, the fact that the small farmers are still to see this promised help is compelling, but to compete with the new order it means reducing the cost of production drastically, unless I am totally misinformed, cost reduction can only be achieved by big operations which can apply fertiliser, seed and weedacides by Aircraft with efficient centralised administrations, not by the farmers with 20 and 25 acres, Guysuco has closed 3 sugar factories in the Demerara Region for this very reason in the past 20 years Versailles, Diamond and Leonora destroying the small pheasant cane farming industry in the process, so why the double standard with the big rice producers?  Are the people who give aid watching? This is why we are doomed, almost every decision we make is flawed with socialist cum capitalist confusion, i.e. socialist trained and still followers of that ridiculous dogma, floundering constantly to operate in a capitalist, private enterprise oriented world, and it is leading us nowhere. They give lip service to the principles and conditions of the aid they receive, they tell us that they are private enterprise oriented, that the democratic principles obtain in this country, but they do not practice what they preach.