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18 October 2017


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Who is President
(Aired 11 May 2002)

In November 2001 after expending 400 million of this country's taxpayers money on a project to raise the Lama conservancy dam by 4 ft, there was a breach at cane grove which caused millions of dollars in damages to private property.

   In 1966 exactly the same thing happened, at that time of course we had a proper legal system in the country, so Dr. Fenton Ramsahoye got 99 farmers and residents living at cane grove and took the responsible persons to court and they were awarded substantial damages accordingly.

    In 2001 when the breach occurred, the President of this country set up a commission of inquiry comprising top engineers from Guysuco, the private sector and the army. President Jagdeo personally chose these men to be the Commissioners to inquire into this disaster. He promised that this commission of inquiry would tell us what happened, who is responsible, and that he will deal with the persons responsible in the appropriate fashion.

   The commission submitted its report in MARCH 2002 telling us that the works were very badly executed by the contractor, who warranted to not do certain things, because the dam has unstable but who this commission told us varied the conditions of the contract in ways too numerous to report individually, thereby producing a dam which is failing in several other areas and which cannot conserve water at the previous level, much less the newer level of 4 ft. higher, the report also identifies areas of poor supervision and complete incompetence on the part of the persons who were mandated by us to supervise this job for the nation.

     Having received the report, our President, instead of handing it to the Attorney General who would then decide what charges he will institute against the transgressors, gave the report instead to Dr. Luncheon, who now insult the integrity and the qualifications of the members of the Commission, not to mention my and your intelligence, by re-examining this report in cabinet to quote "review the technical aspects of it and the principles of engineering which were used to arrive at the conclusion that the contractor was responsible for the disaster"

     Ladies and gentlemen we have seen every conceivable administrative, executive and legal blunder not to mention corruption, perpetrated on this nation by this administration, but this one has got to take the cake, it is the single most incredibly stupid thing I have even seen them do.

    The President promised us a commission of inquiry; he selected the men that will conduct that inquiry, he promised that the guilty ones would pay for this disaster. He now has the report so he MUST act.

  Of course if the President is now saying that the members he chose to conduct this inquiry were not competent to carry out those functions because they did not come up with a conclusion which was acceptable to Freedom House, he must say so, I for one would like to know who is performing the functions of Executive President in this Republic. As a result of all of this, Mr. Jagdeo's word will again raise questions as to its reliability. In a previous comment I have outlined numerous occasions where this President made promises which have not been kept. Here it is again.

    At his first swearing in Mr. Jagdeo told us that Mrs. Jagan will always be HIS President, he was apparently not lying or merely being respectful. Mrs. Jagan is still, to all intents and purposes the President of this country, of that there is no question now. So all of the people who voted for Bharrat Jagdeo in the 2001 elections were deceived into believing that a new era had begun.

     In the mean time, the good Doctor Luncheon has now told us that cabinet has the Commissions report which they are studying, Tiwarie has issued a press release telling us that he is yet to see the report, but from the newspaper reports he has seen, it fails to identify him as being responsible for the breach, The Commissions findings do not only say that you are responsible for the breach Mr. Tiwarie, it says that you took the taxpayers of this country's money, and destroyed the Lama conservancy dam, all of it, let me repeat this, you took 400 million of our dollars and produced a disaster, the entire dam from Maduni to Nancy all 20 odd miles of it is a disaster waiting to happen. I believe that the Trinidadians call this sort of thing bacchanal, the Americans call it shenanigans, and we Guyanese call it a buggerup.

   You did exactly the same thing at the Boesiri, you were paid 66 million dollars extra on that project to build up the dam by bringing dirt from 200 meters away to do so, you did not, you dug out the berm wall 20 yards away and raised the dam with the spoil from it, I have shown the public the video of it, that is called a fraud Tiwarie. You are currently doing a 158 million-dollar job at Noveauflanders for which I cannot find an invitation to tender. A week ago you were awarded a contract to rebuild the rose hall market for 58 million. BK International is now doing all the major contracts in the country, no one else is getting a chance to make a living and you are doing substandard nonsense. Instead of languishing at lot 9 Camp Street along with all the comrades from Freedom House who are obviously complicit in these transgressions, you have the effrontery to tell us that you are not responsible? If you have friends who get you these contracts and concessions Tiwarie, do you think that it is right that you should embarrass them in this way? Don't you find that stupid? But it serves them right for being corrupt in the first place.

    The people of Cane Grove should not wait for the Cabinet to study and act on this report, they should form a delegation and visit Mr. Rex Mc Kay [if you're going for the jugular go with the best tool] and sue Tiwarie and the Engineers of the D&I board and the PS Ministry of Agriculture for the damage they suffered. An injunction should also be obtained restraining this government from giving any contracts to Tiwarie until the matter is settled. Ladies and gentlemen this is called a class action suit, 200 of the people living at Cane Grove sub together and pay the lawyer 5000 dollars each, that amounts to 1,000,000 etc., 99 percent of the work the Lawyer has to do is already done by this Commission, it allocates the blame firmly where it belongs, now all that has to be done is to list your losses. I think two billion dollars should cover you very nicely.