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22 October 2017


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Save us from ruin
(Aired 6 October 2002)

    To my utter astonishment I looked at my Stabroek news dated Sunday October 6th 2002 and the headlines declared that our President was calling on us to quote "save us from ruin" My first question was, save who from ruin, the nation? the PPP? The government? Assuming that he could not possibly be asking us to save the PPP from ruin. I also deduced that he could not be asking us to save the Government from Ruin, so he meant the nation. He did not ask us to save the rice farmers from ruin? The civil servants? The numerous businesses that have gone bankrupt over the past few years? Whilst his government sat by wallowing in their incompetence and corruption.

   Where was Mr. Jagdeo when the path that has led us to this sorry state was being paved by his corrupt and incompetent Government.

   Where was he when BK Tiwari was doing substandard nonsense at the expense of this nation and in the process preventing competent Guyanese contractors from participating in the national economic pie.

   Where was he when public servants were being replaced in the public service, the police force and other places with loyal party hacks, instead of competent persons regardless of their racial origins?

    Where was he when Luncheon refused to honor the salary and other agreements for public servants and they had to strike for 50 days to get their benefits?

    Where was he when he passed the control of our police force to that incompetent and completely confused man Minister Gajraj.

    Where was he when this same Minister began the systematic destruction of the police force to centralize it and remove the powers of the Regional Commanders rendering the force useless in the regions, because he wanted to control it but was incompetent to do so.

     Where was he when we disclosed that a huge group of people known to be PPP supporters were guilty of exporting Gold from this country and were never charged?

     Where was he when the stone scam occurred?

     Where was he when the judicial system was being systematically destroyed denying Guyanese of even the most rudimentary access to justice.

     Where was he when the attorney General's chambers was being systematically destroyed, so that the work of the AG's chambers can be doled out to party hacks.     

     Where was he, when after agreeing to dialog between Hoyte and himself his party chose to deceive rather than to reconcile and to yield some of the enormous powers the 1980 constitution gives to the executive.

     Where was he when Sam Hinds was giving away the patrimony of all Guyanese to ESBI to form GP&L.

    Where was he when the traders were being thrown out of Regent Street and Water street without offering them a suitable alternative? Anyone who does not know that these quote "vendors" were moving away from the path of criminality in order to eek out a living as traders, and have now returned to the path of criminality is not fit to be a Guyanese, much less President.

    Where was he when PPP functionaries who did not own a RED CENT in 1992, began building mansions in 1996.

    Where was he when the Black clothes police were perpetuating gross atrocities on all the Guyanese people especially the Afro Guyanese people?

    Where was he when the Visa scam was going on, and his own Black clothes police were acting as enforcers for Carroll.

     Where was he when after he went to Berbice and promised the residents there that the killing of innocent people by BASS would be investigated and death with, nothing happened?

   Where was he when after making magnanimous promises to bail out the small rice farmers, nothing happened to help them, bankrupting many of them in the process.

    Where was he when no rice miller in this country could afford to pay for power from GP&L and have to generate their own?

    Where was he when three men were assassinated by the police on Mandela Ave. and after promising a full investigation, nothing happened.

    Where was he when after investigating the assassination of one Vincent Griffith our former chancellor, now the head of the Police Complaints Authority, told us that the police version of the matter made no sense and were lucky that Gajraj and the Commissioner did not charge them for murder. Mr. Kennard even awarded the family compensation.

   Where was he when this country did not establish ONE strategic allegiance with a single United States firm throughout the entire period of the PPP's administration, because the PPP hates the United States to this day for the damage done to their party during the cold war. Your party was on the wrong side from 1963 to 1989 Mr. Jagdeo, so you and Mrs. Jagan must bear the consequences of it now, holding a grudge against the US is foolhardy and is hurting this nation.  

     Where was Mr. Jagdeo when Ms Gail Texeria at a meeting of the PPP some months ago, told all gathered there that if any of them thinks that the PPP is not still a socialist party, they must think again.

    Where was he when he called the Chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Brian James and directed him to appoint Mr. Carlton James to the advisory Committee on Broadcasting? And without convening the PSC and without consultation with a single private broadcaster, James did so. If the Private Sector Commission think that I have forgotten this matter, they must think again.

    Where was he when Sam Hinds was conducting secret negotiations with ALCOA notwithstanding that he, Jagdeo, had already agreed to the dialog between the PNC and the PPP to QUOTE "resuscitate the bauxite industry?"

   Where was he when his cabinet secretary accused the leader of the opposition of supporting terrorists without one shred of evidence, this is hardly the way to save us from ruin.

    Where was he when demands were made to remove the monopoly of radio and allow the opposition time on GTV and GBC, these are state owned media President not party in power owned media, in Trinidad in 1982 the courts there handed down a decision that the state media must give Mr. Panday and the UNC time, in keeping with their seats in parliament, as compared with the PNM who were treating it as their own. This means that if the PPP has 34 seats in Parliament and the Opposition parties have 31 seats, if you give the PPP 34 minutes on the state owned media, you must give the opposition 31 minutes. And the boards of the state owned media must be constituted in a manner to reflect this parliamentary allocation.

   Where was he when his government lied to the world bank about our economic performance since 1992 glorifying the PPP's meager achievements since coming to power and gave no credit whatsoever to the Economic Recovery Program and told us that the four pillars which will be used to eradicate poverty, will be the central Government and its Ministers, the Regional Councils, the District Councils and the Neighborhood Councils. Wrong again Mr. President the four pillars should be the 1.Parliament, 2. The Government, 3. Civil Society and 4. the Religious Leaders and the NGO's.

    Where was he when Suriname chased us out of the Atlantic like little children, in our righteous pursuit of our oil, I direct Mr. Jagdeo's attention to operation Climax where in August 1969 we chased the Surinamese out of the New River triangle, in what can only be described as a completely professional and daring operation by our GDF, and not the wimpy, inept process his government employed in the oil matter spearheaded by Cement Rohee, Suriname has 400 thousand people, our army can take them again, if only you had the testicular apparatus to do it. It made me ashamed to be a Guyanese.  

     These events did not occur on February 23rd 2002, they happened from day one of this government coming to power, the greed, the ignorance and stupidity of the still communist PPP has led us to this sorry state, BUT now people, Mr. Jagdeo is appealing to civil society? This can't be the same civil society whose businesses are being systemically destroyed because of high interest rates, high taxation, poor management of the economy, corruption, incompetence, failure to protect them from criminals and marginalization.

      Listen very carefully Mr. Jagdeo, many of your own supporters are laughing at you, you are behaving like a little child whose hand is stuck in the cookie jar and is crying for his mommy to help him.