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22 October 2017


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Do you know?
(Aired 8 December 2002)

   It's Christmas again and as I told you last year, it is the season of goodwill to all men, but especially the women and the children. My 2001 Christmas commentary was, according to you men out there, a masterpiece of farcical teasing of our spouses and still reflects my views today, so some time next week, Tommy Rhodes will replay it for you.

    It has been an incredibly difficult year for ALL of us, and things will not change soon.

  What I am going to do tonight is completely unorthodox as a commentary, it is not a promotion, it is not a gimmick, in fact my brother and his wife will probably not speak to me ever again in life, since I did not discuss what I intend to do tonight with them, but here goes, the commentary tonight is entered in my files as "Commentary: Do you know where you're going to" and the commentator is Margaret Vieira my brother's 14 year old daughter. It is so appropriate to this country today that I could not resist doing this, I want you to listen to the words of this old Diana Ross classic carefully in the context of the situation in our beloved country at this time ladies and gentlemen, see if you are as touched by it as I am when you listen to it in that context. That it is sung by a 14 year old Guyanese girl makes it even more poignant for us. I don't know why Megan chose to record this particular song as her first music video and she certainly could not have visualized that her wicked uncle, would turn it into a national political commentary.


  I am asking that you think about where we are going and I am also asking our leaders to reflect on it. A few nights ago I heard Vincent Alexander a high ranking member of the PNC telling us that no one ethnic group can run this country without the full cooperation of the other, it is what I have been telling you in all of these commentaries, now I am asking the PPP to concede the same thing and when they do, our people will be free at last. Our country will be free at last. And from there we can move forward as one people, together as Guyanese.