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18 October 2017


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Total confusion
(Aired 5 March 2003)

  I like order, I always have, that is why I always look for the facts in any situation before I come to some conclusion, sometimes it is difficult not to let your personal feelings interfere with the truth, sometimes the truth is not as you perceive it to be or, being human, want it to be. So in order to maintain your perspective you seek the truth by looking at information, now information is raw data from any source, it may be fragmentary, contradictory, unreliable, ambiguous, deceptive or wrong. Intelligence on the other hand is information that has been collected, integrated, evaluated, analysed and interpreted. I have sought to use the information and facts at my disposal and convert it to intelligence, this is my own interpretation of the facts at my disposal, there may be some other interpretation of them, but if you use facts and information properly, you generally cannot go wrong, so in nearly 70 Commentaries I have not been proven wrong.

   This is our country, we all love it, sometimes we despair for it, since for many, many years there has been no progress, there has been no law and order and there has been no justice. So every day, even though we love it, our despair of the future for our children's sake is such that we leave, no one knows how many leave daily some leave with legitimate papers some leave through the back door. But the fact that we are leaving is well established and documented.

   The amount of Guyanese who have left this country over the past 40 years is not known, but after 1992 the migration did not stop, if anything it escalated, our people are paying 10,000 US dollars per person to enter the US through the back door, the Carroll matter establishes that Guyanese would do anything to leave, to the extent that they can corrupt senior members of the US embassy by the sheer number of desperate people who want to leave and the fact that they would pay any price to do so.

   How did we get to this stage? Some will tell you that we have a racial problem in this country and that is the reason, no ladies and gentlemen that is not the reason. Haiti which is the poorest country in the world is 95% black so there is no racial division there, but they are poorer than we are, the only other country in the world that, like Haiti have 80% of its people living below the poverty line is Tajikistan a 75% Muslim nation formerly part of the USSR which to this day is torn by civil war.  

   Our racial problems were created for us and is actively being maintained to this day for one purpose only, to divide us for the purpose of gaining and maintaining political POWER.

   There are still people in this country who will not listen to the truth, they have been too well indoctrinated, they were told from the cradle that Forbes Burnham and the Afro Guyanese seized power in 1964 and were incompetent to run the country and brought us to the sorry state we now find ourselves in. They continue to be fed this nonsense daily, the people who peddle these lies have repeated them so often that they even believe it themselves, of course Errol Walton Barrow and Dr. Eric Williams were both of Indian decent and destroyed Barbados and Trinidad since leading their countries to independence, Barbados in 1966, Trinidad in 1962.

   Everything that has happened in this country and is happening today stems from one significant fact, Dr. Cheddie Jagan returned from his studies abroad with his young, beautiful, white, American wife who was a rabid communist.

   The British and the Americans faced with no alternative decided to change the electoral system and create the conditions that allowed Burnham to seize power and ultimately to manipulate the ballot in an effort to keep Jagan out of power in this country, and if the iron curtain and the USSR were still standing, the PPP would never have been allowed to win an election even in 1992. Many will argue with this, they will write letters under every conceivable fictitious name they can find about it in the newspapers, but when our history is finally written, it will be written as I tell you here tonight, because it is the truth.

   The most dangerous man in this country fuelling racial strife is not Roger Moore not Clem David, not Bradshaw, not Sharma not Vieira it is Prem Misir what he is doing through the Government Information News Agency on the internet and in the state owned media is keeping this animosity between the Afro and Indo Guyanese alive. The hypocrisy is that the PPP tell us that we have a democracy, but they are busy creating broadcast legislation that will allow Misir to continue his shenanigans whilst at the same time penalise the channels that host Roger et al, if they do the same thing.

   The PPP can tell us that they are a peaceful party, that they want all races to join with, and support them, but the fact is that with 50% of the population of the country is Indo Guyanese, and for this reason it is the PPP who is keeping racial strife alive and well, it is the only way that they can stay in power, it certainly cannot be their competence to run the country, their supporters know that they are incompetent, they know that they are totally corrupt, they know that they are all being led along this road to disaster, but they have been programmed to believe that it is the PPP or nothing. So they continue to vote for them, but in doing so they are fuelling the corruption and  incompetence, since by not believing that they can lose an election in this country the PPP can continue to misuse and misspend the state's money, commit any misdemeanour in public office, turn a blind eye to the dire straights their own supporters, since their supporters only become important at the next election and they are confident that despite all of their shortcomings they will get the Indo Guyanese vote AGIAN.

   When PPP and the PNC engage in dialog, is just a sham, it is riddled with deception and bad faith and I am predicting now that this new dialog will go nowhere.

   We all saw that the business community, fed up with the situation during October 2002, decided to exercise their constitutional prerogative and shut down their businesses for two days in peaceful protest, the social partners ran from pillar to post to capitalise on the shutdown and to get the PPP "to put Guyana first".

    At Freedom House whilst Mr. Ramoutar was talking to the social partners about the PPP's commitment to these measures "because the PPP was a peaceful party who wanted a united Guyana" AT THE SAME TIME that Ramoutar was talking to the social partners telling them these lies, everyone else at freedom house were on the telephones calling the businesses which had shut down and were threatening them with every conceivable victimisation and mayhem at customs and the revenue authority. Their message was that if the criminals don't get them, they will.

   The Private Sector Commission is aware of this duplicity since they received complaints about it from the business community, but they never told the public and still pursued this pointless path of sending its Chairman and the social partners to beg the power groups to cooperate, raising the hopes of the nation, when every single one of them knew that it would go nowhere.

   It is what I have been telling you all the time. The PPP hierarchy is interested in nothing except filling their own pockets and if that political party ever loses an election you may not find one of its ministers here in Guyana, because any new government will unleash the justice system on them, as they did in Trinidad. To this day people in Trinidad are still seeing new evidence, daily, of the utter greed of the Panday Government. Implicating Panday himself.  My opinion supported by an abundance of evidence all around us, is that that compared to the PPP, Panday and his henchmen were altar boys.

  I think that it is time for a new approach, in this country we always wait for someone else to start the ball rolling, we are all Guyanese, we got together to fight the British for our independence now we have to get together again to fight the monster of racial hatred and unite the nation. What is wrong with the afro Guyanese and the Indo Guyanese getting together in their communities and having dialog? What is wrong with the leaders of every neighbourhood getting together to discuss their differences and how they can live together in harmony and in peace, it has got to start there. That's where the dialog must start. Since it has failed at the political level.

    The Afro Guyanese must understand that every Indo Guyanese is not personally involved in the sinister administration of Freedom House but are being misled by them, it is your job to show the Indo Guyanese that you can protect and support each other and live together in peace, harmony and prosperity. There is no other way.