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18 October 2017


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Corbin,100% Marks
(Aired 10 July 2003)

   My last commentary I told you about the recent outbreak of foot in the mouth disease as contracted by several of our prominent politicians.

   On the other foot, and I do this with the full understanding that there will be people who will tell me that I am an apologist for the PNC again; asked to nominate two persons to the defence commission the leader of the PNC Robert Corbin does an incredible thing, he nominates the highly respected David Granger a former GDF officer and editor of the Guyana Review [which even the PPP have never accused of being biased] and who is not a member of the PNC Party though he may be supportive of it, and one Ms. Maggie Beirne described by sections of the local media as an Irish lady who is knowledgeable in many areas of Human Rights.

   I decided to find out who this person was, since we are going to have to use public funds to bring her here for the Defence Commission meetings.

   Telling the public that Maggie Beirne is knowledgeable in human rights is like saying that John F. Kennedy was an American democrat.

   I will not dwell on Maggie's early work at Amnesty International first, I will yell you what she has been doing since 1995 to the present:

 During this period Maggie Beirne has been a member of the full time staff member of the Administration of Justice, this job we are told involves research and advocacy particularly related to policing and human rights in Belfast, Ireland.

   For those who do not know; Ireland has been a war zone for nearly 87 years, first with the fighting for independence from British rule, followed by years of fighting among the northern and southern Irish to become separate states. The situation changed in 1998 in what is called the Good Friday Agreement which provides for all of Ireland to become unified, and to cooperate with the British to eradicate terrorists, this plan is currently being implemented. Through all of this period factions of the Irish Republic Army the IRA committed acts of terror on the sector of Ireland which remained part of the United Kingdom they also committed acts of terror in England itself . When all of this started Bin Laden was not even born. 

   Maggie has been a staff member working on the policing for the Committee on the Administration of Justice since 1995 in places that would make Buxton look like Disney World.

   She has been tasked with coordinating a major comparative piece of research into policing jurisdictions beyond Northern Ireland which included Australia, Belgium, Canada, El Salvador, Netherlands, South Africa and Spain. She edited the subsequent report "Human rights on duty". Which outlines the principles quote for "Better policing, international lessons for Northern Ireland" this report has been widely used by Human rights groups around the world as a model for policing change. e.g. Timor L'Este, Mozambique and Afghanistan.

   As if this were not enough she has published the following; in 1982 "Complaints against the police" in 1985 "Consultation between the police and the public" in1988  "Plastic bullets and the Law"  in 1996 "Misrule of the Law" in 1997 for PATTERN "Human rights on duty, Principles for a better policing-international lessons for northern Ireland"

   This is a lady who has worked since 1981 to the present, writing and participating in a major way on policing and policing practices as it pertains to human rights and the public.    

   So yeah, we would like to pay for her passage to come here for the meetings. In fact we demand it, since we want the truth now, we are tired of lies.

   Maggie Beirne will bring 4 major and necessary qualities in to the equation 1. She will be completely impartial. 2. She is fearless and will tell us the truth and the International Community will listen to her. 3. She can write, so we will be seeing reports from this commission, waiting for our local boys to write reports takes a lot of patience, on both sides. And 4. Her experience in these matters makes all the other Commissioners' accomplishments look meagre in this particular area of expertise.

    Unfortunately I have to point out that the PPP's nominees to this commission were as predicable and uncreative as it always is, they nominated two PPP party hacks, a failed Attorney General whose integrity may have been compromised with the New Global Deal and a lawyer who is know to be benefiting from the PPP's munificence in office. Now ladies and gentlemen, I do not give out full marks easily, but I am going to have to give Robert Corbin 100 for this one.