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18 October 2017


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Red Banga
(Aired 13 July 2003)

   I recently noted a letter in the Stabroek News of Sunday 8th July 2003. This letter is from Mr. Ramoutar the general secretary of the PPP. In it he alludes to a speech made by Robert Corbin on the East Coast.    

   Ramoutar claims that Corbin does not see the Communiqué as an important document that could help in building trust and facilitate inclusiveness. Shame on you Corbin. How could you have torpedoed the Public Procurement Commission in this fashion, and deceived me into believing that it was the PPP who did it. Ramoutar's letter continues this way "even worst than this [defending Criminals] is that Corbin's attention to the Police seems to be designed to cover up the role of his own party, the PNC, in the escalation of crimes" now ladies and gentlemen I had to stop and verify that I was indeed reading the Stabroek News, this newspaper consistently mutilates people's letters on the pretext that it offends good taste or can be libellous or defamatory but the Stabroek News allows this huge libel written by Ramoutar to stand.

   I want to see credible evidence that Corbin quote "used the PNC to escalate crimes" I read on and found this further masterpiece of stupidity quote "the PNC allowed the vast majority of people in Buxton to be held hostage by bandits" the PNC allowed? Who then was in charge of the police force? I did not know that Robert Corbin or indeed Desmond Hoyte were ministers of Home Affairs or Commissioners of Police within the last 10 years, and you must forgive me for not realising that the lack of more PPP judges in the courts was holding up the judicial process.

     I must now apologise to the public, since I was completely misled into believing that it is the police and the GDF who actually seek out and arrest criminals and not the judges, and that the judicial system has failed us, because it is completely politicised and impotent to dispense justice impartially.  

   But here is my question, if Robert Corbin was guilty of any of the charges levelled against him by Mr. Ramoutar why would he select a person like Maggie Beirne to be on the Defence Commission? Surely Corbin would realise that this person would sift out who the real culprits were regardless of whether they were PPP or PNC and tell us; is that what Ramoutar is afraid of? And as a result has he concocted this huge Red Bangamary to fish up the matter, ladies and gentlemen I am taking creative license and Guyanising the phrase "Red Herring". A Red Herring is known as a smoke screen, it is a fallacy in which an irrelevant topic is presented in order to divert attention from the original issue.

   The basic idea is to win an argument by leading attention away from that argument and to another topic. The usual form is 1. Topic A is under Discussion, 2. Topic B is introduced under the guise of being relevant to topic A, when it not relevant. This leads to 3. Topic A is abandoned.

    For nearly three weeks we were discussing the gross deceptions of the PPP, in the dialog and in the Communiqué, where does all of this nonsense written by Ramoutar fit into that? I'll tell you where it fits in; it is to draw our attention away from the deceptions of the PPP. But we will not allow them to get away with it, will we ladies and gentlemen? The procurement matter is a travesty and the PPP cannot defend it, so they are making up other, unrelated and spurious, stories and allegations to confuse us, and to take our attention away from the main issue.

    So Mr. Ramoutar I won't accept this Red Banga of yours as legitimate, put it in your fridge where it belongs before it stinks up the place even further, and let's get back to your deceptions which are destroying the Communiqué process, which is the real topic at hand.