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22 October 2017


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Tax Laws
(Aired 12 September 2003)

   Before I do commentary tonight I want to tell you about a complete fool known to the Public as Pfreddie Kissoon, now in my absence on holiday this jackass took what was supposed to be personal correspondence between one Bert Wilkinson and myself and published all of it in the newspaper. Does anyone remember Wilkinson shaving blades? well this particular Wilkinson is not very sharp. So I have decided to call him Blunt Wilkinson, and I have included Blunt is all of this since he disregarded the context in which I communicated with him up and sent it to everyone, but the one email where I pointed out to him his complete lack of knowledge of the broadcasting field and the reasons for it, he did not show that one to the public or to Pfreddie. Very selective is our Bluntie. Pfreddie therefore trying to hit back at me for my accusation that he was expelled from a Canadian University whilst attempting to pursue his doctorate, a situation for which we have never been given an adequate explanation, especially since he teaches at our University of Guyana, and is currently using his duty free car given to him to conduct classes at the New Amsterdam campus as a moving brothel, constantly publishes outrageous nonsense about other people.

    Now this correspondence between Wilkinson and myself was not a public communication, we have a broadcasters association in Guyana and I copied it to them for the purpose of information rather then as a press release to the media, Pfreddie distorts this fact and proclaims that because it was copied to the other broadcasters it was a public document, well Pfreddie it was not a public communication, it was a private communication intended to inform all the broadcasters on a matter of mutual interest, what you and Wilkinson did therefore was to publish private correspondence as if it were a public one, is there not even the most rudimentary decency in the nonsense you constantly perpetrate on the public?  

   Pfreddie started his journalistic career with the Pfreddie Kissoon notebook on channel RBS 13, after the owners of that TV station got 15 libel actions due to Pfreddie's total stupidity and irresponsibility as a journalist, he was kicked out the door, he then wandered from station to station, where his big mouth put the stations owners in libel after liable suits. Ladies and gentlemen, the fact that Pfreddie has tied tongue and that he is as ugly as hell, did not really come into the equation, but it should have. Indian people are by and large beautiful people, if I am not mistaken two Indian Girls won the miss world and Miss universe titles in the same year or succeeding years, but when an Indian decide to ugly then he ugly for so, and Pfreddie is a prime example. Apparently his mind is as ugly as his face. Perhaps growing up with that ugly face has thwarted his mind I wonder if Dr. Frank Beccles would like to comment.

    But seriously, is, this the type of irresponsible fool whose views are being criticised daily in the newspapers by almost everyone, who attacks everyone and anyone without one shred of proof for the sole purpose of gaining notoriety, a proper role model to be teaching our young at the University of Guyana? I think that the answer is no, the last thing we want is a nut teaching our children to be more Pfreddies.

   At the same time the Kaiteur News which I am suggesting should be renamed the Potaro Gorge since its editorial and other content is more in keeping with the convolutions at bottom of the falls than the grandeur at the top of it, have formed an alliance with Pfreddie, it was a match made in hell, both of them clearly enjoying the notoriety of wallowing in the chaos and turbulence of outright lies, fiction and half truths.   

   Being the fool that he is, I suppose that Pfreddie will attack me again, but I am ready, fool, so come ahead on. But keep writing, don't show your ugly face on TV, it upsets the children, ladies and gentlemen Pfreddies face should be rated "R" for TV.

   The Bank of Guyana's 1992 statistics are out, I actually came home on the 20st of July and saw in the Chronicle, another rag wallowing in the turbulence of the Potaro Gorge, stating that, and I quote from the front page headlines of the issue of the 23rd July "Trade review reveals positive economic growth" with total disbelief I had to discover who the author of this nonsense was, since I know that everyone except a few politicians are bankrupt, so I read it and discovered that this pronouncement was made by none other than our own economic genius professor Cement Rohee. What the article actually tells us is that the economy has slowed to such an extent through bad management of the economy, incompetence, high interest rates, poor governance and poor fiscal policies, that during 2002 we imported 21 million US dollars less than in 2001, so it had the effect of showing a slight improvement in the trade balance.

    It was therefore a warning indicator rather than one to boast about.

   The actual figures for those who like numbers are as follows in the year 2001 we imported 584 Million US; but in 2002 we only imported 563 million US. This means that in 2002 there was a 21 million dollar difference less in imports than in 2001.

    Now we come to the repercussions of all of this, if we are short 21 million US in revenue or 4 billion Guyana dollars short and lets assume that the consumption taxes etc on this 4 billion was an average of 70% [30% C.T. and 45% Duty] then the Customs and therefore the Revenue Authority is going to come up short by 3 billion dollars, since 1. Businesses are going down, or 2. The Guyanese people have less and less to spend on consumer goods or 3. Are so afraid of the future of the country that they are not buying anything, can be the only reasons why this was so.

   Now remember that our budget calls for the revenue Authority to collect around 42 billion a year from the public to run the state, but if business is doing so badly that the shortfalls at customs are making a significant impact on revenue collection, then ways and means have to be found to keep the PPP's bloated incompetent hierarchy moving by getting more income from them in taxes.

    To broaden the tax base, they turn on the professionals and tell them quote "you have not been paying your taxes, so each of you who is a doctor will have to pay $250,000 annually, a lawyer $250,000 an engineer $100,000" etc. now ladies and gentlemen, I am totally in agreement that these professionals have not been paying their fair share of the national tax pie, what I object to is that it is done as an act of desperation where there is a national crisis and our businesses are in serious trouble, the Guyanese people also are in serious financial trouble and are not buying anything, but this government does not put the Bank of Guyana to work to help the business community and the citizens affected by all of this, to work out a system of say reducing Interest rates so that the business community can at least survive this debacle, no that would be too difficult, it is much easier to turn on the doctors, Lawyers, engineers etc. to bankrupt some of them, regardless of the fact that in the end the public will have to bear the blunt of these increases. 250 thousand to ALL doctors, ALL lawyers, ALL Engineers is capricious, irresponsible and dictatorial surely some proper formula could be worked out in this situation rather than this lazy, unimaginative, ridiculous capricious, draconian tax, I am also totally against this presumptive tax, if this tax would be applied across the board to PPP Ministers, PPP Parliamentarians, PPP Contractors, Drug Dealers etc I would have no problem, but it gives the commissioner of income tax, carte blanc to harass anyone freedom house tells him to. And that is what I am against. Before I go further I want to express my most heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Kurshid Sattaur on being made head of the Revenue Authority, I think that he deserves it. As commissioner of Income taxes he was seriously handicapped in not having enough staff to police and investigate those taxpayers who were getting away with murder, I believe that I heard him say on TV that he only had 13 or 16 investigators, this is woefully inadequate and hopefully as the head of the Revenue Authority he will now be able to get more and better investigators to do the work.

     Did any one notice that Pfreddie mounted his attack on the doctors, lawyers etc. not paying proper taxes months before the government introduced this new tax system to the professionals? Was this a propaganda exercise for the PPP by Pfreddie? That's what I think, but you decide.