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18 October 2017


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Third Force
(Aired 12 November 2003)

   In a very long letter, [almost an entire page, Mr. De Caires is getting very generous with his space these days] in the Stabroek news dated 28th October 2003, under the caption "Peter D'Aguair had the ability and the plan to develop Guyana" Mr. Michael Abraham the alleged current deputy leader of the United Force I am calling it the United Force ladies and gentlemen since today the name change to TUF is a joke, the UF is as TUF as jello, in it Abraham tells us about the accomplishments of the founder of the UF Mr. Peter D'Aguair, in hind sight ladies and gentlemen I have decided that forming a collation with Forbes Burnham was not a smart thing for D'Aguair to do, he should have voted in parliament to let Burnham form the government, but he should never have formed a formal collation with him, since in becoming part of the Burnham administration he lost control of the power he had as a third and independent force in the parliament which all went to the leader of the collation, Burnham; had D'Aguair remained an independent third force in the parliament Burnham would never have had the power to put in place any mechanisms to manipulate the electoral system, or the judicial system, or the 1978 referendum since D'Aguair would have joined with the PPP to outvote Burnham in the parliament. Peter D'Aguair coming from the background he did, could never have anticipated the duplicity of a Forbes Burnham.  

   But more of this in some other commentary, what I object to is Abraham comparing Manzoor Nadir with a great man like Peter D'Aguair, it is absolute nonsense.

   Abraham writes that Nadir a London trained economist with a degree in business from the University of Alberta is a shining jewel in the PPP's crown today, first of all what did all of this learning avail Nadir who ended up as a bankrupt taxi driver/owner and the spokesman of the taxi and mini bus association. These are indeed great accomplishments, for which we must all congratulate Mr. Nadir; and since becoming a Minister in the PPP government what has he done except build a new house for himself and create a huge problem for the chicken industry which will ultimately affect all poor Guyanese? I will tell you what he has done, absolutely nothing!

   I won't even attempt to address what glowing accomplishments have been made in the tourist industry. Only a fool would try to do that, when every Guyanese knows that there is no tourist industry in this country.    

   D'Aguair was an independent wealthy man very successful in his business, Mr. Nadir was not, he was a hopeless leader of the UF, breaking many of its constitutional by-laws, lost almost all of his Amerindian support to GAP and in three elections did not win an outright seat in 92, 97 & 2001 he got a seat in Parliament only through left over votes. So today less than 6 thousand people support the UF. 

    After my commentary discrediting Nadir in the Didco matter, this letter from Abraham surfaces glorifying Nadir, it's Nadir's way of getting back some of his credibility but it will not work, Mr. Nadir has no future as the leader of the United Force, in fact he has no political future outside of the PPP and I have asked him to step down and to call a congress of the UF supporters since he has not called one since 1991 and he is required to do so every year by the month of October.  

   Nadir invited me to a meeting some months ago at which I asked him to hold a congress, and I asked him to step down as the leader of the UF since he is in an illegal collation with the PPP in parliament, this crossing of the floor even makes up a substantial part of the agenda of the Communiqué between Mr. Jagdeo and Mr. Corbin, Mr. Hoyte had challenged it in the court but that matter will never be heard, new clock or no new clock, nothing will change there.

   Now ladies and gentlemen remember that I did not voluntarily break the confidence of this meeting, Mr. Nadir has forced me to, because of that ridiculous letter written by Nadir/Abraham, at this meeting to my utter astonishment when I asked Nadir how he will campaign in 2006 against the PPP, he told me that he has a verbal agreement with President Jagdeo that he will resign as a PPP Minister and campaign against them, I asked him if he knew that the use of marijuana was illegal in this country and that Ravi Dev, the WPA, Hardy and the PNC would crucify him and the United Force, if he even contemplated such a nonsense. Not to mention me.

   In show after show on GTV we see Nadir defending the PPP and their policies, especially those which are the most repugnant to us, a prime example was his interview defending the Procurement Commission situation, a situation where the PPP have broken our constitutional laws, and a moral obligation to keep their word to the international lenders to have a transparent way of awarding the nation's resources in contracts, procurement etc. the PPP is still very much in control of this process through the Procurement Administration, and are making no effort to implement the constitutional Procurement Commission. But Nadir sat there publicly making excuses for them.

   Ladies and gentlemen as faith would have it, the next day the 29th October 2003 the chairman of the initiative Dr. Peter deGroot in the front page headlines of the Stabroek News tells us that and I quote him "the Government's suspicions helped scuttle the Social partners initiative" deGroot also tells us [and I want you to listen to this carefully ladies and gentlemen] that this distrust caused the government to realise that it could not allow a third force to become reality and commence to implement the constitutional reforms and to engage the opposition in meaningful discussion.

    The PPP even accused the initiative to be supporters of the PNC, the reason is simple the PPP is so insecure in the fact that they are managing the country badly by not sharing the pie evenly, that they are almost paranoid in their dealings with almost everyone, and the easiest thing to do is to call everyone PNC. I have told you repeatedly that this can only lead to disaster, and it has lead to disaster. Just look around you.

    Astonishingly as if to reinforce what I have been saying all along, Dr. Luncheon tells the members of the Initiative an incredibly stupid thing, he tells deGroot that he has a significant problem dealing with groups like the social partners who had not developed through any national electoral process.

    In my commentary on the UF earlier this year I told you that neither the Dialog nor the Initiative would go anywhere, since the PPP will not honour any agreements it makes in the process. I told you that whilst the Initiative representatives were talking to Ramoutar upstairs at Freedom House, all of the phones downstairs were busy calling up the business people telling them that they will be victimised if they do not open their businesses.

   Ladies and gentlemen I made it clear to you that it is up to you, the people in this country with your votes who will have to empower someone else in the parliament [a third force] with the statutory power to force the PPP and the PNC to work together for progress, peace and development, and to demand proper accountability from all Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and Regional Chairmen who build mansions for themselves with the nation's money within two years of taking office, and here is the concrete evidence that what I say is the truth and that the concept is without flaw, Dr. Luncheon wants a statutory force to police the PPP, then give him one!

   Everyone in this country and who was or is a member or supporter of the United Force who understood what that party stood for should join me and raise your voices and demand that the UF holds a congress immediately, as they are required to do by the very constitution of the party.