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18 October 2017


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(Aired 11 May 2004)

   For over 100 years my family has been in sugar and they were members of the land owner's class. I became the Manager of Versailles in 1976 in 1978 the Guyana Sugar Corporation which owned the Versailles factory decided to close it, the Vieira Family had sold it to Bookers in 1968 so it formed part of what was nationalised in 1976, we still owned substantial cane lands at Versailles but no factory, so it was unilaterally decided by GUYSUCO that the factory was too small to be economical and that they will shut and it build a waterway to Uitvlught and we must send the Versailles canes there. These facts were revealed to my Father who was then the chairman of Versailles and me at a meeting with Mr. Harold Davis then Chairman of GUYSUCO early in 1978. The waterway was built and we started sending canes there in June 1978, it was a disaster! And by Christmas of 1978 Versailles was left with eight hundred acres of overrun canes which were supposed to have reaped in the autumn crop of 1978 but was not, due to the none functioning of this ridiculous alternative "waterway".

   The public is only now becoming familiar with me through these commentaries that I am very aggressive, that I research what I say very carefully, that no none can intimidate me, that I do not lie and that if you push me you sure as hell are going to get shoved back since it is my nature to do so.

   the PPP has been trying to break me since they came to power in 1992, they have victimised me in ways that you would not believe, but they failed because I believe in what I am doing and I am smarter and tougher that they are, when I recommended that the board of Versailles should sue GUYSUCO because if that useless waterway continued to function in that manner Versailles will be history in a few short years, the Versailles Board said that it was only one crop that we should wait and see, I said that we should sue them now, in 1979 and force them to take the tenuous Versailles situation seriously; that we did not have time or money to afford us the luxury to "wait and see", we could even go to arbitration since we had a cane farmers contract with CUYSUCO and the closure of the Versailles Factory in such a precipitate manner without proper alternative arrangements to grind the 4000 acres of Versailles canes breached the act and we were entitled to some sort of compensation, Mr. Burnham was alive then and no one wanted to take the Government to Court for fear of victimisation by him so the Board did not agree with me. But if I was in charge I would have strung GUYSUCO and the Government up in 1979 without any hesitation whatsoever, Burnham would not have been happy but he was a smart man and having people who were perceived to be his supporters running the Government and GUYSUCO through the courts would not have been good PR for him, so he would have had to do something.  

   This concept that Tony Vieira has a lot of money which miraculously came from the heavens has got to stop, I made it pioneering television in this country and I would have been a wealthy man today, but when the fools who as a Political unit call themselves the PPP came to power and allowed 20 TV stations to come on the air, it messed up the entire economic situation in the Television Industry and those of us who had invested heavily in television have never recovered from it our advertising rate today is the same as it was in 1992! The PPP's bungling destroyed the rice industry, the Timber Industry, the Bauxite Industry, their stupidity of buying votes in the Sugar Industry raising the wage bill of the sugar workers from 4.6 Billion to 12 .8 Billion dollars in 10 years has bankrupted the sugar industry as well, and in the end it has worked against the interests of their supporters since the world bank has instructed them to cut the work force from 25,000 which it was in 1992 to 16,000 since at those high salaries GUYSUCO cannot afford to pay 25,000 people. No one, and I mean no one, could have accomplished such an impressive list of destruction on any country even if they had declared war on it, I am angry with all of this, just as the majority of you are, except that with me anger is an all consuming thing.

  When I was persuaded by Hamilton Green to buy equipment in 1982 to transmit the signal I was receiving in a closed circuit system, I saw the opportunity of making some money so I went to my friend Mr. Hashim Hack and he guaranteed the loan made to me by the Bank of Nova Scotia to buy it. Not my family.

   So what little I have now I got for myself since over the past 22 years Little by little I built VCT to the network that it now is, and it has been a long hard battle, GTV has spent over 500 million of this country's tax payers money trying to follow VCT into Berbice but their network signal is not viable in New Amsterdam or Berbice, but mine is, it did not happen overnight I struggled with it for over 3 years to get it right, anyone else would have given up but not me! I lived on the road between Mahaica and Skeldon for those three years and developed that network personally, I made the first properly edited TV commercial in this country for Demerara Mutual, I produced the first proper television newscast in this country in 1992 and redefined what a television newscast should be, and made GTV's efforts at producing their newscast look like amateur nonsense, these things I accomplished with the skills I obtained as a manager trained by Bookers in addition to my personal aggressiveness and tenacity, so I object to a nonentity like Pfreddy Kissoon telling the public lies in that rag they call the Kaiteur News, that I am incapable or can't manage anything as well as Nadir, it is laughable and it defines Kissoon properly, this Jackass is in my opinion a dangerously unbalanced person with an inferiority complex the size of Mount Roraima, he has a pathological obsession for being in the public's eye at all costs, so being bankrupt of ideas, he now resorts in almost all of his writings to attacking someone or the other, damaging many reputations in the process. Whether he is being paid under the table to do so is still a matter of debate.

     But he does not have the moral currency to attack anyone, since a more opportunistic political grasshopper has never infested this land, a bigger liar never infested this land, he is now lost in a mire of stupidity and suffering from a reputation compromised beyond any question of repair, he is considered a complete fool in this country, tolerated by a few but despised by most. Not one of his writings conform to any logic whatsoever and is hardly ever substantiated by any facts at all, any situations in his submissions that are historical are twisted beyond all recognition to suit his purpose. I ask the question again is this the sort of sick mind we want teaching our young at the UG.

   Pfreddie is annoyed because I am the only one in this country that will not tolerate his nonsense, it was Adam Harris and I who exposed the fact that this impostor was passing himself off as doctor Pfreffie Kissoon here in Guyana, when he was in fact was expelled from the Toronto University where he was allegedly pursuing his doctorate which was being financed by the Burnham regime, and his thesis was on Burnham's Foreign Policy, this sick mick however still portrays himself as a having a PHD in some New York Publications even today, and one sees Dr. Fedrick Kissoon still listed as one of the contributing writers. Nearly 20 years and Kissoon's lies still persists, This country does not need politicians any longer and I am happy that I am not one, it needs managers, Pfreddie, and as a manager in his private business enterprise Nadir was a bankrupt mini bus owner and the spokesperson for the mini bus association, that was the totality of his entrepreneurial accomplishments until Jagdeo bribed him to betray his constituents by offering him a Ministerial appointment.