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18 October 2017


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Unedited movies during the day
(Aired 27 May 2004)

On the 7th of May 2004 I sent the following letter to the Advisory Committee on Broadcasting, I have had no response from them and the offending Channel about which I was complaining did not stop doing what they were doing, as a result I decided to play an R rated movie at 3 PM on the 24th of May 2004. The letter addressed to the Chairman of the ACB read inter alia;

Dear Sir,

   Sometime in 1990 when Kit Nascimento was the head of the GPCA, he had requested that all existing stations subscribe to the "no cussing, no Boobs before 11 PM, Broadcast ‘plan'" RBS Channel 13, HBTV 9, CNS 6, WRHM 7 and VCT 28 all agreed to this "plan".

   The "plan" was simple no profanity or nudity should be broadcast before 11 PM nightly. This was a self imposed regulatory mechanism, but we have lived by it since that time as if it was the law. It is not our "personal" taste that prevents us from doing it; we did it because we agreed to the "plan" since it made sense, and would not be offensive to certain people, which could prompt the government to take measures such as imposing copyright laws since the playing of these movies were also affecting the film industry, whilst playing game shows and movies and other one hour shows that are produced specifically for TV did not affect the cinema owners, and more importantly were already edited for broadcasting by the US's Federal Communications Commission.

   C.N. Sharma's choice to play any/all Indian movies which speeded up the demise of the film industry was not subscribed to by any of us, but his station also followed the basic "plan".

   Certain channels which came on the air afterwards 65, 69, and especially 102 are not following this ‘plan', and it is outrageous that we are imposing these restrictions on ourselves in the pursuance of broadcasting family oriented programming during the day, when CH 46/102 is popularising itself by broadcasting pure profanity and nudity by playing unedited "Mature" and "R" rated movies all day from DVD.

   Unless you can stop them, then I will have to withdraw VCT from this "plan" I cannot speak for the others but I am certain that they feel the same way, we subscribe to all of the movie channels and they do not just "come on" at 11 PM, they are on all day on satellite showing these kinds of movies! Yours etc Tony Vieira.

   The Advisory Committee did not stop channel 102 from playing these unedited movies since their only concern as impartial as they are, is to see to it that we do not point out to the public the ridiculous way our country is run, nothing else!

  Not because this channel 46/102's signal is only visible in a small area of Georgetown means that they can broadcast what they want, in the US, the Federal Communications Commission would have taken their license away immediately, without even a hearing since any profanity or nudity is treated with revocation of license summarily, in Guyana the ACB preoccupied as they are with poor Sharma, Vieira and Channel 9 tearing into the government for their incompetence, corruption and their inability to govern us properly function on a political level only. And as sad as the consequences are to those members of the public who are outraged by these movies being broadcast during the day, and to whom I apologise, I will not tolerate the ACB allowing breaches to the ethics of Broadcasting we agreed to, simply because the transgression was not political. This example will now hopefully prompt the ACB to act and in the long run I would have done the public a favour which is what I intend by my actions on the 24th May 2004.

   We must all agree to "the plan" or none of us will follow it, I have even heard the F word on GTV some months ago on a Sunday afternoon, I saw it on channel 65 some weeks ago and they had the good sense to abort the movie as a result of it, I keep my eye on the competition ladies and gentlemen as any good businessman would do, so I know exactly what they are playing. But this channel 102 allegedly run by former Chief Magistrate Juman Yassen seem to be operating as if they are blind to the responsibilities and ethics of Broadcasting we agreed to or they don't care, so what I am forcing here is that everyone follow "the plan" no nudity or profanity should be broadcast on any channel until 11-12 PM. If it has to happen at all.