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18 October 2017


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(Aired 8 June 2004)

       Just after the 2001 elections the Bipartisan Committee on Broadcasting met, and after holding consultations for months, made certain recommendations which were intended to guide the Broadcast legislation which was supposed to follow, one of these recommendations was that no new license for a Television Broadcast Station would be granted until the formation of a Broadcast Authority which will function under the broad guidelines as agreed by the Bipartisan Board.

   The nonsense brought before the public in June of 2003 as Broadcasting Regulations deviated in numerous and very significant ways from what the Bi Partisan Board, the Dialog and the Communiqué had agreed to. Showing clearly that dialog in this country is a complete farce and I personally agree that under these circumstances there can be no meaningful dialog in this country. All of the members of the Bi Partisan Board I have spoken to, have told me that new stations really meant new broadcasting entities and was not intended to mean expansion of existing stations, I have also been assured by Mr. Hoyte and Mr. Corbin that there was no such understanding in the Dialog or Communiqué process.      

    However at the same time Sam Hinds and the NFMU have been granting GTV new frequencies to change significant aspects of its network to increase its penetration. They even invited people to tender for this quote "upgrade [of] the capacity and technical capability of GTV" this invitation to tender is dated may 13th 2002. In other words this hypocrite Hinds has two sets of laws, one for the government and one for Vieira.

     Mr. Sam Hinds who has already been cited in the VCT 28 matter in the high court by Justice Claudette Singh as acting in bad faith against me, is again acting in bad faith against me by refusing to allow VCT to establish relay stations in the Essequibo, Bartica and Linden.

  This now brings us to what the Dialog and the Communiqué, what we refer to as the constructive engagement, yielded to date? The answer is simple, nothing! The reason? PPP deception and bad faith! to illustrate the deception I want to focus on two incidents which surfaced in the media during last week, now remember that for the propaganda machinery of the PPP to impress the Diplomatic Corps., Amnesty International, the International Financial Institutions and some of their own supporters [who still believe that this is the PPP of Cheddie Jagan and not the evil, corrupt, repressive monster it has become]  they make public statements that they are doing one thing, when privately they tell the PPP people who man the executive to do things which are completely different but these underlings are too stupid to do it with enough administrative finesse without giving the public a glimpse of what they have really been told to do i.e. what the agenda of the PPP really is:     

   The first concerns a letter from Mortimer Mingo Chairman of Region 10 in the Stabroek News of 3rd June 2004 in which he alleges that the National Communications Network, the government television station in Linden, is demanding public contributions before they will air the US basketball finals.

   In a lengthy defence of this action in Linden, Chief Executive Officer of NCN Mohamed Sattaur, explains that it is to effect cost recovery that NCN is asking the Lindeners to pay for this extortion from them to show the basketball, this fool completely forgets that he is getting 30 million dollars subvention of the taxpayers money from the government this year to run his station, he neglects to mention how ownership can simply pass from the Bauxite Company to NCN? Was it offered for sale by the owners? And if it did, how can they have two stations in Linden whilst refusing anyone else the right to have even one? Sattaur asserts that channels 8 &13 [the stations owned by NCN in Linden] evolved from being a dynamic communications tool of the bauxite industry to a business oriented operation intent on bringing its operations in line with the broader mandate to become economically viable while serving the interests of people, while providing diligent service to the duly elected government. Incredibly He also states in his letter that, and I quote him "what is labelled as wholesome propaganda broadcasts, is in fact the delivery of information by the state media which highlights the works and activities of the democratically elected government of the day for the benefit of the people of Linden" end quote, where the hell did you learn these concepts of State Owned Media functioning in a democracy Sattaur? In Cuba! And did the dialog not already agree that the opposition parties will be allowed equal time on State Owned Media in keeping with their seats in parliament. Has this been implemented? Of course not, because Jagdeo agrees to one thing and something else, completely different, happens, the PPP is still running the State Owned Media as if it is a mouth piece of the PPP and not the property of the state, owned by all the people of Guyana.

   I repeat, This is a State Owned entity paid for and subsidised by the taxes from all the people of this country, but here we have this political fool telling the public that NCN is there to diligently serve the government of the day, this is the same idiot who was nominated by the PPP to oversee the workings of the 2001 elections and who inexplicably lost his way at the elections commission building and was locked up in the computer room for several hours, this is the kind of PPP Party hack we have running our state media, he is completely incapable of understanding the difference between working for a State Owned Media as compared to working for the Mirror Newspaper or Channel 65.

   Until Sattaur and the PPP understand it, there will be no peace, no progress.

  Now this allocation of time on State Media according to seats in the Parliament was agreed to by the President and the leader of the opposition years ago, so what is holding it up? well we have to examine a PPP press conference last week chaired by Donald Ramoutar and some lady called Sheila Edwards concerning among other issues the fact that since 2002 certain agreements made in the dialog process to relieve the hardships of the depressed communities required that a pump for Fyrish be bought to improve their drainage, Ramoutar, asked by the media and the people of that area where the pump which was promised over 2 years ago was, responded that the thinks that the pump is ordered and he asks this genius Sheila Edwards sitting beside him to clarify, and she does! In spades! The fool tells the public that the Pump is on back order; that she is not exactly sure what the position is regarding it especially since the dialog fell down. Let me get this straight, Ramoutar all the things the dialog yielded to date are on hold? Until it is restarted? Even those which were agreed to years ago? Ladies and gentlemen is it only me, or is this the nonsense that is holding us back?