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22 October 2017


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Liar 2
(Aired 15 June 2004)

     Yesterday 12th June 2004 I was told to look for the Kaiteur News of 11th June 2004 since this fool Pfreddie Kissoon, who it seems will not learn a simple lesson, is attacking me again, now I don't buy this newspaper which is owned by one Glen Lall, for those of you who do not know it, he is the brother of Reaz Khan which is why Kaiteur News has not exactly been covering the Reaz Khan matter with impartiality, in fact they have been trying to do exactly the opposite, they have been trying to obscure it.

    Now no one really knows much about this Glenn Lall, except that he can operate the Kaiteur newspaper and attack anyone with impunity because of his other alleged activities, which necessitates him having many bodyguards, so ask yourself why would anyone need 3 250 pound bodyguards if they are involved in legitimate business. I am now taking the position that the owner of the Kaiteur news is responsible for hiring and paying and turning a blind eye to Kissoon's lying and fabricating stories about many members of the public who do not have the means to reply to his mischief.

 This madman Kissoon attacking anyone and everyone was first brought to my attention when he did a story concerning The Evening News in which he claimed that we had committed some transgression or the other, and this lunatic called up all of the people who advertise on the newscast and asked them how they can put their advertising on it, he even published the advertisers' names to frighten them away from advertising on The Evening News. I went to my lawyer since I wanted to sue the Glenn Lall and Pfreddie Kissoon, since this madness went way past libel, now remember if Kissoon writes anything that is a lie, a defamation or a libel against anyone, then Glenn Lall has also lied, defamed and libelled that person, that is the law, the publisher is as liable as the person lying in his media since he is publishing that lie, so the fact is that both Pfreddie Kissoon and Glenn Lall are liars.

  The lawyer I consulted told me that suing is for people who have no voice, and as such it is not for Tony Vieira, that I should use my media and my commentary to deal with anyone especially Kissoon who attacks me, and don't waste time on that mess we call a legal system. He pointed out that the PPP have stopped attacking me since they cannot answer my attacks on them and that they may be using Kissoon and the Kaiteur News to do it now.

    So anyone who attacks me I will deal with them here on these commentaries and I will be as nasty as they are and since they have libelled and defamed me, if this is the new game, I am ready for it. I will find out about the skeletons of their entire family if necessary and tell the public about it and I will not allow good taste to get in the way of a proper crucifixion of that person. Anyone who pulls me down in the gutter, I coming down in deh wid you, so I am sending this message to Mr Lall I will attack you whenever and however I want since I have access to a media just as you do, except I do not use it for personal agenda as you and Kissoon do, but in your case I will be happy to make an exception. Since I have now determined that Kissoon is a complete madman, anyone who can write one word in public after the commentary I did on him which is listed as "Liar" on the internet which was aired on 11th May 2004 has to be completely insane. So now I am forced to attack the media house from which he is attacking members of the public and me, with impunity.

   I have a friend who lives at Pouderoyen, West Bank, Demerara, I will not tell you his name but everyone at Pouderoyen will tell you who he is, what I will tell you is that he is Indian a Hindu, now this close friend of 30 odd years who I, like those who know him well, consider to be a very intelligent person, was the one I usually asked to lend me his copy of this Kaiteur News whenever I am told that this jackass Kissoon was attacking me, I never asked to see it for any other reason, only when I [me personally] was under attack by it, when I called my friend yesterday June 12th 2004 and asked him for his current copy of Kaiteur News he informed me that he does not buy that rag anymore, of course my next question was, why? And he informed me that he stopped buying the newspaper, since it is so full of half truths, inaccuracy and lies that it was wasting his time and money reading it since when he saw the actual story in the Stabroek News or on the Television newscasts it bore no resemblance whatever to what the Kaiteur News had claimed happened.

   Now this agreed generally with my impression of this newspaper but we have a certain culture of quid Pro Quo in the private media and we do not as a rule attack each other, since it would be unethical to do so because we are all competing for advertising in the same marketplace, but I have noticed that this Kaiteur News entertains anyone who wants to attack me without at least extending the courtesy of asking me for an explanation of my position on the matter, as the Stabroek News does and I object to this. But then considering his background I would not expect Glenn Lall to understand the niceties, ethics and traditions of private media owner relationships in this country.

   Having an unethical fool like Glen Lall out there like a loose cannon is not serving the case of private Media ownership at all, just as having his brother Reaz Khan doing the nonsense he has been doing for several years now is not serving the Business community at all, now remember when Reaz Khan behaves in a manner which tells the public that he thinks he is above the law, it vilifies all businessmen who the public will perceive as a group who can break the law with impunity since they have the money to bribe everyone in sight, and it is utterly unfair, since the broadcasters are as a matter of the conditions of their license obligated to follow some basic rules, fair and balanced, with due accuracy etc. this Kaiteur News is not so constrained by any license or any conditions and it is exploiting this situation to the fullest libelling everyone in sight probably for a fee.

   Where did Glenn Lall and Pfreddie lie? Well in my commentary labelled Tax Laws published on 12th September 2003, I said quote "that by and large the Indian people are a beautiful people that their women win Miss Universe and Miss World contests but when one decide to ugly he does be ugly fo so" I was not really concerned with Pfreddie's face since I don't have to look at it, I was concerned with the ugliness of his twisted mind which is far uglier, and I said so, this fool never understood what I was saying i.e. that his mind was a reflection of his ugly face, he was too illiterate to understand it, in the Kaiteur of June 11th 2004 Pfreddie claims that I said that I do not like him since the East Indian race is an ugly one, and he is the ugliest of them all because his blood is tainted with African genes and that is what made him ugly. What are we going to do with an immoral, illiterate, lying fool like this? All the organisations Pfreddie has asked to look at my two commentaries, I also urge you to look at them aired on 12th September 2003 and 11th May 2004 and then you will see how low we have sunk into the sewer in this country, to have this lying scum and his boss Lall as members of our media.