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18 October 2017


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(Aired 22 June 2004)

  I would not have believed that it could happen; I would not have believed that even a rat like Ffreddie Kissoon could sink to such levels of depravity.

  All of this started when Pfreddie published his lies in the Kaiteur News on the 11th June 2004; in it he said that in September 2003; September two thousand and THREE nearly one year ago, I said that Indian People are ugly and that he is the ugliest of all since not only is he an Indian but he had black genes as well. 

   For over a year this sentence sat in the Tonyvguy website and no one, AGDA, the PNC, Dalgetty, the African heritage society, Roger Moore, the PNC, Lorrie Alexander, the people who listened to the commentary in 2003 [and it had to be hundreds of you who listened to it] did not hear anything of the sort, you are not fools you would have crucified me for it since last year, if, I had said it. but this one non entity who I justly accused of having a mind which is as twisted as his ugly face and who now stands accused by Roger Moore and others as a rabid racist, told you these lies about what I said and you believed it.

   Now this is a person who has not written the truth in his life, whilst I have never lied to you, and if I was not Tony Vieira the publisher of The Evening News and could mobilise almost all of the African groups to occupy nearly one complete newscast thanks to Clem David's hard work, and to establish that I was totally innocent of what this twisted mind had accused me of, we would still be in the situation of haggling as to whether I said so or not. Imagine what this madman could do to a normal member of the Public? Yes you, ladies and gentlemen any of you, out there?

    Not once did any of those people who listen to my commentaries so avidly ever asked themselves, did I ever hear Vieira utter one racial word in any commentary? Against Indo or Afro Guyanese? Or did I ever hear him say that Indians were ugly and that Africans were uglier? No they did not!

   Kissoon and the Kaiteur News then moved to stage two of the operation; the concoction of fictitious information on the matter. They claimed that the Advisory Committee on Broadcasting is mulling to revoke my license and that the revocation was imminent. More lies.

  At the same time as stage two, stage 3 of the operation came into effect, the manufactured fictitious letters to the Kaiteur began, pretending to be media workers 4 alleged journalists two working in PR [probably Ajay Baksh And Kwamie Mc Koy] and two students studying communications at UG, write a letter also alleging that they saw these lies on the tonyvguy website, of course this letter was also pure fiction, concocted by Kissoon and the Kaiteur news, there is even one letter by Jomo something or the other advising that I should apologise to all Africans around the world  and that he hopes that my broadcast license is revoked. But the letter that takes the cake is the one from Luther de Jesus something or the other, in which the fool tells the public that since I have now confessed to saying that black people are an ugly race, it should galvanise afro Guyanese people to do better and that no member of my family had condemned what I said! This person did not even determine whether I had said this awful thing in the first place or not, that paragon of virtue Pfreddie told him I did and he believed and asked me to apologise. Of course I doubt that any Luther De Jesus whatever even exists.

   Then came the deepest cut of all Adam Harris made it his business to call me to tell me that he had nothing to do with all of this, that it was the Kaiteur and Kissoon who were attacking me.

    But I set him up! Ladies and gentlemen, I told him something that no one else knew and that was that I had called Kit Nascimento to ask his advise since contrary to public opinion Kit and I are still good friends, the only person I told about this was Adam Harris, no one else and there it was the next day in "dem boys seh". It also suggests that my license will be revoked and I will have to turn to the same waterfall paper to publish my commentaries, keep dreaming Adam, I'll be here long after the Guyanese people decide whether they want to shell out 50 dollars a day for a rag like that lying newspaper, but It was the deepest cut of all ladies and gentlemen to see this person who was a former colleague, friend and confidant turned by a few dollars and promises of favours from Luncheon into Judas himself.

   now whilst the Stabroek News stayed out of the matter generally they had a cartoonist ridiculing me as if I was doing something wrong in defending myself, this Harris who draws these cartoons in the Stabroek news, is he related to Adam Harris? Is that why he is so traitorous?

    Now why did all of this happen? of course it was to make me unpopular with both the Indo and the Afro Guyanese at the same time, in one shot, and was orchestrated by the PPP, Pfreddie and the Kaiteur news, there can be no other explanation, and I have some information which tends to corroborate the involvement of the PPP, in a way it was a sort of a compliment from the PPP i.e. get Vieira by any means possible including fabricating a tissue of lies since we in the PPP can't handle him!

   I think that the letters asking for the Evening News to be shut down may be a reflection that we are the only functional opposition media house to the PPP in the country now, the Kaiteur is clearly a PPP mouthpiece, the Stabroek lacks the guts to fully point out the transgressions of the PPP even though they are trying, the Prime News is now compromised since Adam Harris is involved in it, and whilst I have been distracted by this stupidity some very gross events have transpired unnoticed. That is what this is all about, ladies and gentlemen, to distract Vieira so that he cannot comment on some of the nonsense they are doing at present. Here are some examples.

   The awarding of the 2.2 Billion loan from the European Union to help the Lindiners redirect their energies to areas other than mining, the EU is lending this money at 2% and the Government is lending it back at 12% to the Lindiners, and a company called Guyflag a small insurance company located in the West Demerara is picked to dispense this huge amount to the Lindiners; why can't this sort of micro lending be done by a commercial bank which is equipped to do it and why not at a lower interest, why give it to this small Insurance company with no track record of micro lending, and does this operation have any relationship to Kowlessar? and why may I ask has the contract for the foundation of the cricket Stadium been awarded to some none entity called Singh from the West Bank, this Singh an alleged friend of Mr. Neil Kumar has never done foundation work in this life and his company does not have even one engineer.

   And what gives with Floyd Mc Donald? This man, who was a complete failure as Commissioner of Police blundering through his term as commissioner in one of the most turbulent criminal eras in our history, is rehired, first as some official of Canu then since you and I were distracted by other nonsense and did not raise hell, he is now transferred to the office of the president where all the other lame ducks seem to accumulate these days. But given that his visa has been revoked by the US, is everyone at the Office of the President complete mad?  

   Now we come to Bacchus, Bacchus in fear for his life is told that the will be given 10 million dollars if he makes a statement for the Government saying that he was annoyed with Gajraj for not dealing with his brothers' matter expeditiously, so he lied to the US embassy, the British High commission and whoever else he confessed to, about Gajraj being involved in the death squads, so let's examine this, Bacchus is told that he will be paid 10 million if he gives a false statement clearing Gajraj and undertakes that he will also lie under oath if this matter is ever brought before a commission of inquiry, so the 10 million was not just to give a tape to Gina ladies and gentlemen, it was also understood by both sides that Bacchus if ever called upon to give a statement under oath to any investigating body would lie. Now if this is the case then the person offering this inducement should be charged for impeding the administration of justice. It is not going to just happen ladies and gentlemen you have to demand it. The DPP must Charge Michael Gordon.

   I don't have time to deal with the Kaiteur News ladies and gentlemen, I have established that it is a lying rag and I am finished with it I, will not let it take up any more of my time, you deal with them, you have to decide if it is worth your 50 dollars a day or not to buy this PPP mouthpiece.