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18 October 2017


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Rayman Bros
(Aired 9 July 2004)

   Recently the name of a friend of mine Fazil Rayman appeared in the Kaiteur publication, what appeared in the pages of this twisted, lying rag was not flattering to him at all and bore no resemblance whatsoever to what actually transpired, as a result it was an assassination of this man's character and if he could have gotten justice in a court he would have sued them.

    I told you that I would be telling you the obscene story of a landed class family, an Indian family, specifically a Muslim family and what this family endured under the PPP.

   The Rayman's like the Vieira's owned substantial lands at the time of independence, around 500 acres, at new road Vreed-en Hoop they were fearful that the communist PPP would come to power and take away all privately owned lands, communism abhors the landowners class, the consequences of Jagan's Communist rice farmers {security of tenure ordinance} which was passed into law in 1956 and which incredibly with few modifications is still on our statutes today since the Burnham's land policy was the same as the PPP's i.e. land to the tiller etc., this ordinance virtually prevented any landlord from removing anyone who was occupying his lands and was one way of destroying landowners, convinced that Burnham was the lesser of two evils the Raymans supported the PNC, Mrs Rayman became a PNC Parliamentarian and Fazil who was a cane farmer and contractor with equipment from draglines to bulldozers was asked to become the first Regional Chairman for Region 3 after the regional system was set up. Unlike what we see today in the period 1981 to 1984 when he was Chairman of Region 3, Rayman did not rent his equipment to Region 3, this nonsense is a new phenomenon, introduced by the PPP i.e. rental of equipment owned by functionaries in the various regions to the regions itself, it was unheard of before, his equipment was rented to private individuals.

   Since coming to power in 1992 the PPP have turned this man into a financial and physical wreck.

    It did not matter to the Jagans that it was they that were wrong in their ideology and that is why international forces kept them out of power in this country since 1964 and that only after Communism had died in 1989 and they were no longer a threat were they helped to be returned to power, Ladies and gentlemen who can doubt that Carter would not have come here in 1991 to help re-establish democratic elections [which had the effect of installing Jagan in power] if the Berlin wall was still standing? But communism had died and it was import for the US to ensure that every country especially those with repressive regimes which the US were supporting as allies against communism be removed. That is why the Carter Centre was set up, I don't believe the propaganda about how and why it was set up, it had no official status but Carter's Centre we funded by the US congress and sought to make sure that free and fair elections and democracy was established everywhere in a post communist world.

    It did not matter to the Jagans that they were wrong about being communists and the consequences of it, and that the Raymans were right in supporting those who kept them out of power when the cold war was still on, they set out to destroy everyone who supported Burnham against them but kept sucking up to the US and the UK who put them there in the wilderness in 1964.

   When the PPP came to power in 1992 Fazil Rayman, was singled out for special treatment, according to the Jagans point of view, he was guilty of two unforgivable offences one he was from the landed class and secondly he was a supporter of the PNC against them so the systematic destruction of him and his family were sealed.  

     This is one reason why I have asked all who are so disposed, not to attack any Indian people in this country, some of them are suffering as much as you are under the PPP, so they are your allies and not your enemies. Our enemy is the PPP not the Indo Guyanese, and I want you to keep this in mind at all times.

   To the Indo Guyanese I want to say to you that you have seen the injustices meted out to your Afro, Amerindian and even Indo Guyanese brothers, and if you do not speak out about it, then you are as guilty as those who are perpetrating these atrocities against them.

    If you are going to forgive then do it like Mandela and forgive everyone not only the strong ones US, UK, so don't lie that you will forgive and move forward but hold a grudge against all of those who contributed to your being in the political wilderness for those 28 years, you brought that on yourself with your leprous political ideology, so accept the consequences and don't blame anyone other than yourselves for believing in the wrong thing, don't take it out on those who were right. In the sixties and the seventies you were a danger to this country and the Americans would have done anything to keep you out of power, so why don't you attack them too you cowards.  

   In 1996 Rayman not understanding the full extent of the PPP vindictiveness borrowed 86 million dollars from the Bank to buy road building equipment and in bid after bid he got no contracts, I have seen his bids file, I saw evidence that people who bid the same as Rayman did, and having been awarded the contracts instead of him, turned around and rented equipment from Rayman to do the same work. Anyway having bid on over 120 such contracts the Bank began to call his loan in 1998, since the people at the Bank themselves saw that he was not going to be given even one substantial contract by this government. Ladies and gentlemen to bid on a contract you have to study the project documents, you have to send people to measure etc, consult engineers etc to put in your bid and these procedures cost around G$50,000 per contract now Rayman bid on over 120 contracts that is an expense of $6 Million dollars in addition to the repayment schedule to the Bank which he was not able to pay.

   To add insult to injury Rayman brought his son, a highly qualified specialist engineer who was living in Canada back here in 1996 to help with these road contracts that he was not going to get, the son was living in Dr. Sahabadeen's house on the Eastern Main road just to the East of Sophia and in a robbery there he was shot in the back in 1997 by criminals and decided to leave the country. Imagine getting it from the PPP and from those deprived by them as well? In the end the PPP have won since to cover his debts Rayman acting as attorney for his brother tried to sell lands at Vreed-en-Hoop for a percentage of the proceeds, the action by the TWO Rayman brothers started in August 2003 but the brother in Canada died in November of 2003 and on the 8th of April 2004 Rayman instructed his lawyers to withdraw the case, Nagamootoo did not expose the fact that Rayman's brother had died and that the case was no longer valid as was reported in the Kaiteur rag, Rayman did.