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18 October 2017


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(Aired 12 January 2005)

     My dictionary tells me that the word vindication means the act of clearing someone from criticism, an act of justification, of support.

   For nearly 3 years I have been telling you that the PPP will not deal in good faith with anyone and that in doing so they are putting the country and their supporters in danger.

   They promise and agree to one thing and something else completely different happens.

   So recently when the Guyana Human Rights Association whose patience with the PPP seem to be wearing as thin as mine, since this was the second criticism of this government from the GHRA during the month of December 2004 alone, the first being a condemnation of the act raising the age of consent to 16 which the GHRA labelled as a lazy and sloppy piece of legislation, I rejoiced.

   I am not even going to dwell on the Amerindian act, that is the most repressive piece of legislation to come from this ridiculous government in quite a few years, but since this has to do with the Amerindians surely the PPP could not have overlooked the fact that the Amerindians hold the key to the next election and that by trying to hold them too tightly they can lose their support, this is a time to right the many wrongs perpetrated on the Amerindians not to make the repression more obscene.

   Since 1992 when this government got into power by racial Indian voting, their neglect of the Amerindians has been criminal. Raising the level of poverty of the Amerindians from 78% in 1992 to 98% today.  

    Over and over again I have told you that the PPP will not deal in good faith with anyone that they betrayed the goodwill and intentions of the Dialog, the Communiqué and the Constitutional Reform process; but these were my interpretation of the facts and therefore I was accused of being a trouble maker and a rabble rouser. How the government has not concocted treason charges against me, given their propensity for doing so at the drop of a hat, astonishes me.

   The geniuses at the Advisory Committee on Broadcasting [the ACB] even accused me of creating strife between the PPP and the Amerindians, since I had the effrontery to point out to the Amerindians that they did not have to take anymore nonsense from the PPP because they now held the balance of power in their country and they must demand their just share of the national pie, after all, ladies and gentlemen this is their historical lands and it has remained so, since the Amerindians do not migrate and backtrack to the US, Canada etc. believe it or not those geniuses at the Advisory Committee on Broadcasting labelled my words as tending to establish racial voting patterns in this country! In 2004 they are accused me of inciting the Amerindians to racial voting patterns! Ladies and gentlemen when racial voting patterns started in this country I was not yet a teenager but I am doing things that can start it now according to the ACB.

   The release from the Guyana Human rights association expressed disappointment and dissatisfaction that the recommendations of the Disciplined Forces Commission are stalled, and are going nowhere for over a year and that the PPP were the ones to blame for this.

  The GHRA report is critical of the government's commitment to the modernization of the disciplined services especially the police force.

   Nine MP's were nominated to sit on the special Parliamentary Committee from the PPP and the PNC, their job was very specific, to implement the 164 recommendations approved by the full parliament as contained in the bi-partisan commission's report by late august [2004] before the parliament went into its annual recess/coma.

    The GHRA's Co-President Mike Mc Cormack was especially critical of the PPP in this matter; expressing extreme disappointment Mc Cormack said, and I quote him "the fact that the government has not found it of interest to take any of the recommendations seriously does raise questions, it seems as if they just went through the motions and never took the question of modernization of the police force seriously" end quote.

   In the mean time the PPP continues to claim that their supporters are the ones that are being harassed by criminals, but if Mr Mc Cormack and the GHRA are right, then who is responsible for placing the Indio Guyanese in harm's way?

   Is it possible that the PPP do not appreciate what a good political commentator can do to them under these circumstances? Are they so dense or so contemptuous for the safety of their own supporters, that they are doing nothing but frustrating the process of modernizing the security forces to protect their own supporters since it is interfering with the process of their looting the treasury of the country? Or are they deliberately dragging their feet in the implementation of the Commission's 164 recommendations to modernise our crime fighting capability, so that they can use these apparent attacks on Indio Guyanese to their political advantage? Can even the PPP be guilty of such an atrocity?

    Why did we go through this useless process of reforming the Constitution? What has really changed? Are judges and the judicial system now capable of rendering their decisions fearlessly? The answer is no! Did the PPP and the PNC include an equality clause in the constitution, an essential inclusion in any democracy? the answer again is, NO! we went through months of debating whether we should put in the constitution anti discrimination clauses for Gays, but not once did anyone from the opposition recognise that the constitution did not say clearly ANYWHERE in it that we are all equal under the law! The result is that NCN can continue to compete with private Broadcasters for advertising whilst receiving subventions from central Government and there is noting that we can do about it! No contractor denied his rights to get a contract for political reasons can have an effective remedy to his situation in any court in this country.

    Supporters of the PNC are not getting contracts whilst those who are loyal to the PPP and are giving kick backs to political functionaries are getting all of the contracts, the opposition has never tried to take the government to court for not implementing the Procurement Commission even though they knew that the PPP was not implementing this important Constitutional body which would act to give protection to their own supporters. The PNC parliamentarians have at least 9 Lawyers within their ranks, file a constitutional motion and force the PPP to answer why they have not established the Procurement Commission. File a lawsuit demanding equal time on NCN according to the allocation of the seats in the Parliament as Mr. Panday did in 1982 when he was in opposition in Trinidad and won the case, that's how you have effective opposition to the PPP.

    The International Financial Institutions know all of this, you see it piece meal in the news on a regular basis, statements from them that the money is not being properly spent, that feasibility studies must be done before any more monies are given, that the poor are not getting their fair share of the HIPC funds, that we are a failing state due to incompetence and corruption, but if any of this is true and a substantial amount of money lent to Guyana ends up in the pockets of the political functionaries, then why continue to lend such a repressive regime money at all?   

    Stop lending this government any money until democracy is established, I, as a citizen of this country, am demanding it! And there are many Guyanese in and out of Guyana who agree with me!