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18 October 2017


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Unidentified Writing Objects
(Aired 31 January 2005)

    The Stabroek News has published a letter from one Rajaram Seetaram in which I am accused of closing a sluice at Goed Fortuin when I was manager at Versailles and this action is leading to flooding in Goed Fortuin up to this day, this is a lie, is clearly libellous and I am considering it as such. There is no flooding at Goed Fortuin today except what is running over the A Line a government Drainage installation which is coming from  the Boerisiri and which is over flowing its banks into Goed Fortuin. I did not however close this koker at Goed Fortuin, nature did. I did however advise that it be closed and filled in because one day it will collapse taking the road with it

    Right now there is one way traffic at the very spot where these idiots Seetaram and the Stabroek News want to reopen this 4 foot wide sluice, it is, and has been causing great inconvenience to motorists along the West Demerara highway for months, because the structure itself has clearly collapsed under the road a fact which I forecasted would happen since 1976 that's why I got the Government to finance new ones to avert this sort of disaster.  

    Here is what actually happened, Versailles had 5 Kokers when I became manager in 1976 one at Malgre Tout, one at Versailles, one at this same location at Goed Fortuin, one at Schoon Ord ,and one at Meerzorg. All of these structures except Meerzorg were old clay brick 100 year plus old Dutch structures, all 5-6 ft or less wide, with floors at 45 GD all crumbling and inefficient so I asked Mr. Joe Holder and Mr. Anan Dhary of the Roads division to save themselves a lot of trouble in the future and build me two new 11&12 foot wide, deep sluices with invert levels at 43 GD one at Versailles in front of the factory and one at Goed Fortuin at what is called Booker turn that way they can forget about these old Dutch structures which can cave in at any time and take the new West Demerara highway with it. So my plan was to do away with this 4 ft wide sluice at Goed Fortuin and the 5 FT one at Schoon Ord and replace them with a 12 ft wide Koker in the middle of the two. In other words we replaced [using 49 GD as the nominal sideline level] the existing 36 square ft of Koker with a new Koker which had an aperture of 72 square ft. double the size!

    And Holder and Dharry agreed with me but to do this they had to go back to Parliament and get the extra money required to do it. This makes this letter by this fool Seetaram and published by the Stabroek news who did not pause to verify the nonsense they were printing, libellous! Since the drainage of Versailles improved by 40 % as a result of these new sluices, but imagine ladies and gentlemen these geniuses now want to open back a 4 foot wide koker that has collapsed under the road! Incompetence it seems is not confined to our Government alone as Seetaram and Stabroek news is establishing here for all to see. Nowhere in these history lessons that Seetaram and the STABROEK NEWS are giving us, do they mention the new 12 ft wide Koker which I got the Government to build in 1976 at Booker turn 300 yards to the south of this small inefficient koker which has now collapsed. The Government should have listened to me and dug it out in 1976, since I knew that it would be starved because the new koker we built was bigger, wider, deeper and had the shortest outfall run of any Koker in the West Demerara, in addition we saw exactly the same thing happening at the Malgre Toute Koker when the new one at Versailles began to function around 6 months before the one at Goed Fortuin was built. The people of Goed Fortuin owe me a debt of gratitude for the construction of this 12 foot sluice near to their Village.

    This brings me to the subject of this commentary unidentified writing objects! In January 2000! I wrote the following letter to the Editor of the Stabroek news Quote "Dear Editor, seeing a letter from one Telford Payne in today's Stabroek [21st January 2000] "no debate please, let us try learning together" I decided to call this gentleman and commend him for his Ghandi like position on this and other matters, on examining the GT&T 1999 telephone directory I find there is a Payne Stubil and a Payne Viola but no one listed under Payne T., intrigued I also tried to find Mentore, Vernon another letter writer, in today's issue and I again discovered that there is a listing for Mentore Ulric and Mentore W, but no Mentore V?

      Not daunted but more determined than ever, I decided to find the author of a nice letter "" by one Marilyn Vandeyar, there are seven Vnadeyar's listed I called them all, two of the numbers are temporarily disconnected NONE of the other 5 have ever heard of a Marilyn Vandeyar. Perhaps Marilyn used her phone so much at that her family's line got disconnected.

    Incidentally the letter "Electronic gadget needed to make Internet phone calls" the person who wrote that letter is saying that you do not need to use a computer or the internet to make free long distance phone calls, for US$200 at each end, you can purchase a device that can do it with your telephone alone, for free. You should read your letters more carefully you clearly did not understand what this letter writer was saying.

  Moving right along, there is a letter by one Mike Thompson obviously an engineer of some sort by the knowledgeable nuances of his letter concerning the installation of pumps to alleviate the drainage problem in Georgetown, but apparently poor Mike does not have a phone either, he is not in the telephone directory. There is no Ronald Trim listed either i.e. letter "Afro-Guyanese want secure employment"

    Two of the letters are the usual Name and address provided!

  At his stage I gave up. I think that you should too. People are being attacked by person/persons unknown i.e. unidentified writing objects and you are letting it happen, for monetary reasons [since these letters sells the Stabroek news on the Internet and in Guyana] Why don't you just call it "the justice for all letter page" and done with it. At least on Sharma you know who is attacking you. Yours, Tony Vieira.

   There are people in this country and abroad who are interested in buying the Stabroek news for the letters only, what they do not know is that what they are seeing may not be reflective of a cross section of Views of the Guyanese people what they may be seeing are letters orchestrated to fuel some agenda or the other, Mr. John Da Silva for example I am informed that John has an office in the Office of the president at which he sits daily with the sole purpose of writing letters to the editor defending the PPP under 13 different pen names!! The State house in Newmarket Street now houses a barrage of writers who are writing PPP and Government propaganda on a daily basis to all newspapers perhaps even to the New Nation.

    And the editor of the Stabroek News is fuelling this lawlessness to sell his newspaper with the responses these orchestrated letters provoke, no effort is ever made to find out who these letters are coming from, and what their agenda might be, the attitude of the Stabroek News management seems to be that the letters sells newspapers so to hell with whom they attack or the consequences of it, I have 50 or 60 letters sent to me from all sorts of people praising my commentaries and me but none of these letters which were also sent to the Stabroek news were ever published.

   A substantial amount of people buy this newspaper to read the letters now accounting for nearly 4 pages in current issues, believing that they are seeing a cross section of views of the Guyanese people but it is a deception and a lie, what they are seeing are actually letters written by the PPP and the Government who are using tax payers' money to attack taxpayers, do the people reading these letters understand that they are looking at a stacked and loaded deck. I have only this to say if the Stabroek news or any other newspaper publishes my name in any context, without justification, I will crucify you right here on VCT. I do not interfere with you people, so leave me alone.