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18 October 2017


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(Aired 6 May 2005)

   I try ladies and gentlemen I really do but I despise hypocrites and I certainly get very angry when I am accused of being one myself. 

   On the 28th of April a letter appeared in the Stabroek news proclaiming that I was upset at one Harris, a cartoonist at the Stabroek news, for making fun of the recently elected Pope of the Catholic Church of which I am a member. Well that is true I was very upset and Harris must not ridicule of my religion's leader, and he was way out of line. This coward does not ridicule Hindus or Muslims since they are far more likely to take action than the Christians or the Catholics who tend to be more tolerant, is that why he practices this discrimination against us Catholics? Didn't we just institute constitutional amendments against discrimination?

   Now I don't care if Stabroek's descaries doesn't believe in god and is a member of no religion that I know of, that is his business, but he should not allow Harris to poke fun at the head of my or any other religion for that matter and then try to rationalise it. If there are a few priests in the US or elsewhere who have been guilty of impropriety then we all condemn them, do cartoons about them if you want to, but I will not allow Harris to ridicule the Pope because of what a few priests in the US did.

   Twice this year alone this Harris has libelled and defamed me, and once this year the Stabroek published a letter which was libellous to me and could have had deadly consequences, apparently this man descaries refuses to understand or accept, what most of you know, that there are people in this country who will attack me because of my outright criticism of the PPP in these commentaries, and so letters etc. which pertains to me have to be handled with caution and be examined for their agenda. I have explained it to him a hundred times but he refuses to listen.

   The first time this Harris libelled me this year was when Sharma's license was suspended, he did a cartoon in which I was pretending to object to Sharma's suspension whilst at the same time I was drawn as stabbing C.N. in the back with a large knife because I was benefiting financially from his death announcements. Now this hurt me personally, since my actions in the Sharma matter were exemplary, and here is the story.

   On the day his license was revoked C.N. called me and asked me to air his death announcements, I told him that I would help, I also told him that I would allow him to continue taking bookings at his studio and preparing the death announcements and that I would air it and we would share the money, that way he can continue to make a dollar even though his license was suspended. I did not tell Sharma to go to hell and tell the people who have death announcements to come to me since he was off the air, I told him that he can continue to accept and prepare the death announcements for airing and we would split the money 50/50. So rather than being a hypocrite as Harris was attempting to portray with the lies he was drawing in the Stabroek news, I was acting in the most honourable manner possible to help C.N.  

    Notwithstanding that I was hurt at this misrepresentation of the facts, I did nothing and I made no threats to descaries, some time after this Harris had a cartoon of me smoking a hookah and floating on cloud nine and muttering some nonsense about the minister dead, the minister not dead and that I don't give a damn and that I am not apologising, this cartoon made no sense to me since at no time did I claim that any minister had died, so whoever was making these false accusations it was not me. But in this cartoon Harris was implying that I was high up on cloud nine on opium and quite a few members of the public got the impression that I use drugs, this was libellous and by publishing it descaries also libelled me. But again I did nothing and I made no threats to him. Then came the day that descaries published a letter in the middle of the flood disaster when tempers were running high and people were really angry, the letter suggested that I had closed a koker at Goed Fortuin when I was manager of Versailles, now I live close to Goed Fortuin, a five minute walk, so by publishing this inaccurate letter suggesting that people were being flooded by actions that I took, he put my entire family's lives in danger since some madman whose property was being flooded, might have taken it on himself to come to my house and hurt me, my wife  or my children.

   After publishing this nonsense descaries then sends me a request to answer the accusations in the letter, this was the last straw and prompted me to write the commentary "unidentified writing objects" to this day they are still repairing the highway near to Fred's shop in Goed Fortuin which had been damaged by the koker descaries wanted to open collapsing under the road.   

    Now ladies and gentlemen I want you to look at your Stabroek News over the next few days and see how many advertisements are from the government of Guyana, tendering this, selling that, asking people to bid on this or that etc., look at it ladies and gentlemen, it accounts for a substantial amount of the paper's advertisements, doesn't it? Can anyone who depends on that level of advertisements from a repressive and spiteful regime such as the PPP be truly impartial in reporting their transgressions fully? You answer the question ladies and gentlemen, and when you do perhaps the complaints from letter writers of heavy editing of anything contained in letters which are critical of the government may suddenly begin to make sense.        

   The letters columns, which are getting bigger everyday, costs the Stabroek news nothing to produce but is one of the biggest sellers of the newspaper! What people do not know is that these letters are heavily edited, are published discriminately and come from a considerable amount of people who do not exist, in fact they may be coming from one or two people specifically retained to mislead the public as I have explained to you in my commentary "Unidentified Writing Objects"

     Now we come to the biggest joke of all, in the editorial comment that accompanied my letter which was a cussing up from one media person to another and was not intended to be published as a letter to the editor, I have my own media mechanisms to use if I wanted to cuss up descaries and Harris, and I am still incredulous that he actually published it, but I did threaten him, I told him that I will get a cartoonist and do drawings ridiculing him and Harris and publish it every hour if this nonsense does not stop, descaries' editorial comments on this letter I wrote, tells the public that this is not the first time that I have threatened to use my media as a personal weapon! So let me understand this descaries? It is OK for Harris, aided and abetted by you, to use the Stabroek News as a weapon against me but it is not OK for me to respond with the weapons that I have? This is the biggest nonsense I have heard all year, and this particular year we have heard a lot of nonsense ladies and gentlemen, I think that it is definitely time for descaries to consider retirement. 

   As far as descaries' statement that cartoonists have the widest possible latitude in all democratic countries is concerned, I have only this to say, this idiot Harris should stop this nonsense, satire sure, libel absolutely not, and he libelled me more than once this year alone, criticise me legitimately and I will accept it but if not I will crucify both of you right here with all of the weapons at my command. I started all of this by saying that my dictionary describes hypocrisy as feigning to be better than one is, or, to pretend to be what one is not, or, concealment of true character or belief, and a hypocrite is one who practices hypocrisy.

   You, ladies and gentlemen, decide who the hypocrite is.