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18 October 2017


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(Aired 8 June 2005)

    I kept wondering why when I write Nadir on my computer's using  the Microsoft Word programme it did not register it as a wrong word underlined as would happen if you wrote Singh or Vieira. Then I remembered that nadir is a legitimate English word meaning opposite of zenith, the lowest of the low, the lowest point possible.

   Well this name is very apt to describe Manzoor Nadir, now those who are thinking that here Vieira goes again, attacking Nadir, you have to understand that as a member of the United Force I am outraged by what I see Nadir doing, and since the United Force essentially no longer exist there is not much that I can do, but that he would endure the insults I hurl at him here in these comments and still get nearly an entire page in the Stabroek News on the 22nd May 2005 to tell us the diatribe contained therein, speaks volumes of both Nadir and the Stabroek News. I suppose that Bisnauth's son in law Harris who is carrying out a political agenda right under Descaries' nose at the Stabroek News, will now draw me attacking Nadir and Descaries. But that's ok since we know his agenda now, this is not the old Harris, this apparently, is his son so for the past 3 years whilst the country was under the impression that they were looking at the work of the older and highly respected Harris, they were in fact looking at the warped work of the younger and politically biased son of Harris senior.

    All of this is OK and now that the public understands that the credibility of the Stabroek News has now been brought into question, we can move on to the fact that as a catholic I am outraged that Harris drew a cartoon which insulted my new Pope and I want an apology, if Descaries can apologise to Nascimento about Harris doing a cartoon accusing Kit of being with the PPP, then he can apologise to my church.

    So we come to the interview Stabroek News did with Nadir and which they published on the 22nd May 2005.

   Its headline proudly declares that "TUF will contest the election on its own". First of all ladies and gentlemen I don't understand how Peter D'Aguair's United Force became TUF and I am looking into just how this was done and whether it was legal.

   But calling anything, which has become a toothless PPP poodle, TUF, is really a monstrous joke.

   In the interview Nadir gives us a glimpse of how low he truly is.

   In it he tells the public that any member can be elevated to executive positions within his party and it is their right to be so elevated; Nadir however neglects to mention that he has not had a meeting of his members in over 9 years that he and the members of the current executive are all in breach of the constitution of the Party since they have not offered themselves for election to the executive of the party in over 9 years.

   So I decided to ask some of the current members of the executive how exactly will Nadir conduct the UF elections he announced that the will be having by July. I was told that he will hand pick a few people from the Interior tell the public that they are delegates and elect himself again as leader of the UF.

    I am asking every person who is now, or who has ever been a member of the United Force and who would like the UF to play a part in the Third Force currently being formed in this country of which I intend to be a part, to get in touch with me personally and let us take back the UF. Write to me I will display an address on an ongoing basis on this station and you will join with me in raising our voices to the nonsense we see going on.    

     Nadir is a PPP hack and it is in the interest of the PPP to have one opposition party in their corner since it gives them credibility but we must not allow this to happen again, especially since the membership of the United Force tells us that the party toady is a joke not capable of getting 150 votes. In the interview in the Stabroek news Nadir tells the public that the TUF is campaigning in the North West and the Rupununi very aggressively; I say that this is not true as there is no evidence of it.

   I want to draw your attention to what Nadir told you the members of the public in this Stabroek News interview he told you that quote "like any organisation which has had to split its membership between the government and the Party, TUF has found that a significant amount of our people flow into the Government, so the Party business tends to suffer a bit, so the party had to make a conscious decision as to whether persons should remain in the office to write press releases or spend the limited time in reaching out, going to different places with members of the executive and meeting with the party membership in various parts of the country"

    All of this looks innocent enough but there are fundamentally wrong concepts here and there are several questions that I have to ask.

  1. Who are these people from the UF who have obtained substantial positions in the PPP's Government other than Nadir?
  2. I have met Mr. Nadir's executive and I want to know which are employed with the Government?
  3. Nadir is telling us clearly here that he is taking advantage of his position as a Minister in this government to use state funds to do political work, and so do other members of the TUF and the PPP since he is accompanying them in their political excursions around the country at the expense of the state. Nadir is not telling us anything that we don't already know regarding the misuse of public funds by the ruling party to do political work Nocta, Collymore and Jagdeo are doing it every day, this does not make it any less immoral or illegal. That Nadir is stupid enough to say so publicly is astonishing, that the Stabroek news actually publishes it unchallenged is even more incredible.

    The biggest joke was when whoever was interviewing Nadir asked him if he was a member of the third force, he tells them that he has not been approached; well Nadir has not been approached since he is perceived to be a member of the PPP and a slave to that political party. He is even attempting to place his executive members as complicit in this nonsense since he tells us that a significant amount of them work for the government.

    When I first advocated the idea of a Third Force which would have the political power to make it impossible for the executive to control the Parliament, I never visualised that we would come to the day when the Third Force idea would mushroom to a stage when it became a real threat to existing political parties, and could actually win an election in this country, but I actually think that it is possible now, so my interest in the United Force as the vehicle for the Third Force has changed, I however still consider it imperative to remove Nadir from the opposition, he should run with the PPP there is no way that he can be a legitimate campaigner for the UF against the PPP. It would be the first step to establishing a third force which is neither PNC nor PPP, under Nadir the UF is an appendix to the PPP.  A vote for the UF now, is a vote for the PPP.

    So write me and let's get him out, I would like the UF to Campaign in Region One with a legitimate leader, Nadir only makes the UF weaker and there is no reason why the PPP should win all the seats in Region One.