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18 October 2017


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People of unsound mind
(Aired 30 August 2005)

     There is no question that this country has more than its fair share of "mad people" wandering our streets, on the West Bank of Demerara for example there is a man of unsound mind who is terrorising the people living in a particular area. These people of unsound mind or what we Guyanese call "mad people" wander our streets in various stages of undress with their private parts hanging out all over the place and our children throw stones and other objects at them and laugh at them.

    Our children it would seem have more sense than some of us big people. Since they recognise mad people as unproductive or disruptive members of our society, throw stones and insults at them and treat them as jokes.

   Now we as parents tell our children that it is not nice to do these things to these unfortunate souls, since it is not socially acceptable and they must have compassion for them.

  What we do not tell our children is that this is a person to be respected, that this is a person who they should emulate and that this is a person who they must listen to for guidance on what is socially and intellectually acceptable behaviour; to do this would make us just as mad at the person our children is persecuting.

   The behaviour of all mad people is not the same, some are physically abusive some are withdrawn a situation referred to as catatonic, some are paranoid [i.e. they have delusions of grandeur or feel that they are the subject of persecution] some are schizophrenic [they see and hear voices and persons which are not there] their minds invent events, people, conversations and relationships which just do not exist.

   Some Skitzos even write in the newspapers and since they are schizophrenic they see and hear voices, persons and evidence which do not exist, they are also Paranoid since they have delusions of grandeur i.e. they think that they are something that they are not, they also think that everyone is out to get them.    

    These are concepts which I have gotten from a well known psychologist so they are technically correct terms and describe legitimate mental dysfunctions.

    We have in our midst such a mad man, he writes in the Kaiteur newspaper and attacks prominent persons within our society without justification or provocation and some sections of the public in this country not having the sense their children have do not throw stones and insults at this person and make him an outcasts, they actually like the madness, the nastiness and the lies that he writes, they find it amusing and entertaining notwithstanding the damage it is doing to other people's character and reputations.

    In a letter to the Stabreok news on Monday 29th August someone wrote a letter in which he asked the question, "what is newsworthy about Vieira losing his pouch?" And he is absolutely correct, there is noting newsworthy about it.

   The point that the writer misses however is that notwithstanding that I have my own newscast of which I am the publisher, I did not bring this matter to the attention of the public it was this Skitzo madman at the Kaiteur news that did.

   He also does a criminally indictable thing, since he alleges that Amerindians alone were bodily searched at what the United Force called a congress for a pouch which this madman says that he has photographic and other evidence I did not have, well look at your screen Ladies and gentlemen and tell me what you see? Is that not a pouch and a file on my knee being held in position whilst I applaud? And is that not a reporter from the Stabroek news who attended the UF conference sitting in front of me? Is that not further evidence that this video is not contrived?  

      As far as the racial profiling which can have the effect of exposing the police and me to racial hatred by Amerindians, the madman accuses the police and me of subjecting only Amerindians to body searches, these are also outright lies! so on behalf of the police I would like to clarify, no one's body was searched, it is a figment of this skitzoid madman's imagination, anyone who had a bag which was large enough to contain my pouch was asked to open it for the police to verify that the pouch was not inside. I repeat, no one was body searched by the police as this madman alleges and everyone's bags were searched not just Amerindians. 

   As to what the bag contained here is the list I finally compiled, it contained the Dell Axim X30 personal handheld computer/organiser which I bought for US$250, it contained my note book in a black zippered leather case with a roller ball pen. It contained two 1970's gold Duofold Parker pens a ball point and a fountain pen which I bought on the internet at auction for 226 pounds Sterling, I have a thing for antique Parker pens and I have several sets, for those who like collectors items, let me tell you this; old classic Parker pens are becoming more valuable daily especially the duofold line from Parker. So the pens I have are collector's items. The pouch itself is pure Italian leather with zipped compartments for note books, papers, pens etc. and cost around $125 US.

    On the day in question I thought that my driver's license was inside the pouch but it was not, since I had just returned from the US and the license was in my other bigger pouch bag with which I travel since I drive in NY sometimes, it has to be bigger since it has to contain passports and other travel documents. The madman asks why I had my drivers license in my pouch and not in the car, he must be watching too much CSI programmes, anyone who owns more than one car will soon realise that the Guyana police are not receptive to claims that your license cannot be produced when they stop you, because it is in the other car, so each of my cars has a coloured photocopy of my license and my pouch usually has the original just in case I have it and I run into a difficult cop.

    Luckily my Black Motorola Razr cell phone was not in the bag when it was stolen. There was no money inside by bag, there never is, since I very rarely walk with money I also have no money in my house only a fool keeps substantial money in his house, there were also no rings inside, I cannot understand where the Stabroek news reporter got that one from, he also missed the most important part of my interview with him which was that the police never searched anyone's person, only bags big enough to contain my bag, and everyone's bag was searched regardless of race, they also went ahead and did the story in the Stabroek news despite my telling them that we have the video you have just seen and that Acme Photo studio had promised to extract and print the frame from the video of my sitting with the bag in the hall.

    Ladies and gentlemen my name is Tony Vieira; I have never been accused of

being expelled from a university for misconduct, I have never been accused of publishing lies to assassinate anyone's reputation, I have never been accused of exchanging high marks for sexual favours, I have never been accused of lying about receiving a duty free car, I have never been accused of calling myself or allowing myself to be referred to as a doctor when I am not, I have never been accused of being ashamed of my appearance, I have never been accused of having my colleagues accuse me of behaviour which was so despicable as to constrain them to ask for my removal from their midst, I have never had to beg the PPP to allow me to keep my job after my colleagues requested my removal.

   I did not intend that this matter appear in the press and that is why I personally promised Nadir that I will not file an official report with the police about the loss of this pouch since it can embarrass the UF, Nadir is one thing, but I would not embarrass the UF, and I never did. The public would still never have heard of the matter if it were not for this madman I have been telling you about. Is that institution at Canje Berbice still open?