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18 October 2017


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(Aired 19 September 2005)

    In a communist state the government in power controls everything, they control the media, they control the decision making process without consultation with the people, of course they say that they have consultations with the masses but it is all hogwash they consult with no one, the people just do what the political bosses tell them to do and there is really no discussion.

    Today apart from China and Cuba one is hard pressed to find any country that still pursues this failed ideology since it is not inclusive, it is not democratic, it does not allow dissent so there is no freedom of speech, religion does not flourish, god is who ever happens to be the head of the party, the people themselves living in this hopeless situation become lazy and disenchanted with their inability to raise above the rest of the state's workers, even those who have the brains and the drive to rise above their fellow workers, cannot since in the communist state that are just workers and will never be allowed to be anything else.

    Communism has never flourished in countries that have a substantial amount of people of Indian extraction within their population, people of Indian extraction are too business oriented to accept being told by the political structure in power that they can or cannot open their private business enterprises. The debate is still going on in this country that the British and the Americans should have left Cheddie Jagan alone in the 60's and let Jagan lead the government instead of orchestrating the installation of Forbes Burnham to keep Jagan out of power, because his own supporters would not have accepted communism and he would have flopped sooner than later, the danger is that Dr. and Mrs. Jagan were so closely aligned to Russia that they would have probably closed the doors of migration and imposed communism on our population using Russian and Cuban troops to do it.    

    And so the endless debate continues.  Should the Americans and the British have intervened or should they have stayed out of it and let events take its course. This is a question that will never be answered; but I will say this, the British and the Americans who knew Jagan and his association with Russia far better than we did, CIA and other sources were convinced that he was enough of a threat to the political stability of the region that they conspired to keep him out of power and put Burnham in. these are not my thoughts ladies and gentlemen in his book the West on Trial Dr. Cheddie Jagan himself tells us that this was what happened.

    Nearly 60 years have passed and the PPP have suddenly begun telling us again that they are a Marxist/communist party and are giving maximum media exposure to it.

   I began to wonder why the PPP was doing this now, after all this is 2005, we are a HIPC nation today due to this same communism/socialism nonsense of Burnham and Jagan, we owe the world Bank and the IDB a lot of money one quarter of this year's budget is money that we are borrowing from International Lenders, the world is heading to free markets and democracy? So it seemed strange to me that after nearly 40 years of being in the closet hiding their hammer and sickle, the PPP have now emerged to show their true colours.

    Why now? I kept asking myself, well we have been witnesses to several very uncomplimentary remarks about the PPP's governance in this country over the past year, the International Financial Institutions told us that we are a failed state, that we have a crisis of governance, that we have poor accountability, Jimmy Carter had some very uncomplimentary things to say about our President after his visit here last year August which he published on his website after his visit here, Sir Michael Davies the commonwealth senior Parliamentary staff advisor to the Guyana National Assembly has told us that as it exists in the real world our parliament is a joke, the US and other embassies have been telling us that we have become a major transhipment point for drugs to the US and to Europe, that we have become one of the main money laundering countries in the hemisphere, US visas have been revoked from two ministers of this government, the International Financial institutions have now made it clear that no more monies will be Loaned to this country unless proper feasibility studies are done and transparency increased.

    The Government embattled in this manner has apparently decided to go another route to sell us out to the communists i.e. they have decided not to follow the International Financial Institutions requirements for feasibility studies to ensure that that they don't waste our money and they are building the new sugar factory at Skeldon, with help from the Chinese, who are also building our convention centre and helping the government to rebuild their propaganda machine National Communications Network. The PPP are allegedly building a bridge over the Berbice river but Mr. Sam Hinds does not have a plan for such a bridge even today, we are building a Cricket Stadium with Indian Labourers from India who it is alleged are Indian convicts to keep the cost of construction down. Now the PPP cannot produce a feasibility study for any of these projects so the IFI's are not financing them. My position is if this money is not going to be properly spent then it must not be spent. It is all lies and grandstanding to give their supporters the illusion that things are happening all I see is more corruption and more confusion just to get a few votes.

  Our government has refused to address the predicament of the Demerara Estates, ladies and gentlemen my commentary on converting the Demerara estates to produce fuel grade ethanol was aired in this country since 29th August 2001 so if I had a say in things, I would have capped the production of sugar at 200,000 tons per annum and used the profits from our sugar industry since 2001 which I have shown you in my commentary aired on the 24th June 2004 would have been 8 billion dollars, last year alone! and rebuilt the Demerara estates over the past few years to produce fuel grade alcohol.

    Last week we all saw reports in the media that Mr. Jagdeo, is talking to the Brazilians about the possibility of converting the Demerara sugar estates to produce ethanol fuel. As usual he is locking the stable door after the horse has escaped. Great plan Mr. Jagdeo! Converting the Demerara estates now will take 5 years! But we don't have 5 years any longer since the preferential price goes next year.

   Last week we saw video telling us that Mr. Robert Persaud AKA Lambada visited China with a media delegation which included of all people Glenn Lall the owner of the Kaiteur News [we now know where he stands] we also see the China Central Television signal being aired on our state owned TV station daily, we also hear that this government has allocated to the Chinese, UHF TV channel 29 in Georgetown to bombard us with Chinese propaganda 24 hours a day from the state owned NCN tower located at Homestretch Ave. aren't we are having enough trouble coping with the propaganda lies being sent from that tower by the PPP? now we have to listen to the Chinese own as well?

     At the same time this same government has refused to allow the people in Berbice to see Sharma's signal and have refused to allow me to expand my signal to the Essequibo, Bartica and Linden. Well boys lets do it, let's see if any judge in this country will have the guts to tell me that it is OK to give the Chinese TV here in Guyana but deny me and Sharma, two Guyanese, the right to expand our services.

   Ladies and Gentlemen This Government said no licenses to anyone until a bipartisan  Broadcast Authority is formed, they did not even allow expansion of established television services, no license for the Muslim religion either who have been begging Jagdeo for a channel for over 6 years, but have now decided to give a channel to the communist Chinese to tell us how well they are doing [they will of course omit to tell us about the gross human rights violations going on in China today] just because they are helping us to build a sugar factory at Skeldon, which the IFI's have said that they will not finance since they are not convinced that it is feasible, Mr. Jagdeo is selling out this nation for that! And that is why the PPP are shouting their Marxism from the top of Mount Roraima.