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18 October 2017


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(Aired 21 October 2005)

   Here we go again, now I am not complaining, I will nevertheless ask you to listen to what I have say on this matter and ask your self if you think that it is right.

   In August 1996 the Guyana Lottery Company commenced  operations in Guyana and they chose VCT network to do their daily draw; during the nearly 10 years of our association the lottery Company never once threatened us with any form of sanction that if we did not do better they will go elsewhere, since we always placed their interests above even our own and we have had to built a studio exclusively for them, a studio which we cannot use since the National Lottery equipment which are used to do the various draws are highly sensitive equipment which must never be tampered with and from what I know now about the goings on at NCN now, you, the people in this nation would not want this equipment at the mercy of the workers at NCN.

   I know that for a fact.   

   Yesterday at his usual weekly mamagai sessions Dr. Luncheon told the media and therefore the Public that the Lottery Company's parent body Canadian Bank note's contract will be renewed and that the draw will then be on the State Owned television station NCNTV and not VCT.   

   I knew of this long before, since word has gotten back to me months ago that the Government has been pressuring Canadian Bank Note's top officials to take the draw away from VCT to victimise me because of the damage I am doing to them in commentaries like this.

   These incompetent and intellectually challenged people, have the monopoly in radio, they own one of the two national television networks, they own a newspaper all of which they use to bombard the people in this nation with propaganda almost hourly but which is not effective, and little me with one or two 9 minute commentaries a week is demolishing them, and they do not, and cannot find an effective response, for the simple reason that I speak the truth!

   We will deal with all of this at the right time, what I want to talk about tonight is Luncheon's lie that the draw will be on the State owned media. Dr. Luncheon has no concept of what a state owned media should be.    

   It should be autonomous like the BBC, it should have a legitimate Board of Directors which represent the interests of all of the people the PNC, GAP/WPA, ROAR, the PPP etc should have people on its board ensuring that everyone in the state [not the government ladies and Gentlemen] the State, is given access to it and it should not be given special privileges, especially if it is competing with private individuals whilst getting annual subventions from the state, duty free and other concessions, Grant aid from the British and the Japanese, and is allowed to expand its operations whilst the rest of us are being denied expansion, it does get all of this and it is still allowed to compete unfairly with private broadcasters for local advertising.

    How does the National Communications Network Corporation measure up to these criteria of a state owned media house? Let's see!

   I have in my possession the letter of appointment of one Mohamed Sattaur CEO of NCN which came from the office of the President and was signed by this same hypocrite Luncheon.

  Here are the terms and conditions of Sattaur's employment.

    The Schedule of his contract of employment 1(a) tells us that the contract is an annual one renewable every year. The date of Sattaur's first letter of employment as the CEO of NCN is 2004-03-01 to 2004-02-28 and that this period can be extended annually which Luncheon did on the 18th April 2005, until the negotiations are completed. I have no idea what those negotiations are.

1.      (b) Tells us that the contract will be valid from the date of signing until the date that the person gets his next leave of 42! Days a year.

  Schedule 2. I will have to read to you verbatim and I quote it "the duties of the person engaged shall include the usual duties of the office in which he/she is engaged and other suitable duties, which the government may call on him/her to perform" end quote

This means that the contracted person will do what the government and therefore the PPP tells him/her to do and not what the Board of Directors of this state owned corporation tells him/her to do i.e. he will be Luncheon's slave and no other.

   Now Fuzzy Sattaur is not a broadcaster he cannot produce one shred of evidence that he has ever even worked in management at a broadcast media house anywhere neither I believe that he can produce one shred of evidence that he even has an academic degree in anything whatsoever, in fact all we know about Fuzzy was that he got lost and was locked in overnight in the Elections Commission Building in 1997 and spent the night in the computer room. The lawyers have this legal jargon which at a point like this they say "and further I say not"

  So lets continue, we're still on schedule 2 and I quote "The person engaged shall reside in such place and occupy himself/herself in such a manner as the government through its duly authorised officers shall direct and shall use his/her utmost exertion to promote the interests of the Government" end quote 

   Ladies and gentlemen Fuzzy has to live where Luncheon tells him to, he has to promote the interests of the government, not the state mind you, the government that means the PPP!

   What is Fuzzy getting to guarantee all of this loyalty to Luncheon? Let's see.

Schedule 3 sets out the salary and remuneration for him, four hundred thousand Guyana dollars a month, from which the Corporation will deduct a 10% withholding tax. So Luncheon is not going to deduct income taxes or NIS from Fuzzy, as the rest of the people in the country are required to do under the law, in doing this Luncheon sets himself above the law, additionally, in case anyone thinks that luncheon may have made a mistake at the beginning of these contractual terms of employment, schedule 3 says clearly that the Corporation and not the government will pay Fuzzy 400,000 Guyana dollars a month.

  In addition he will get G$25 thousand for housing; G$25 thousand a month for Duty; G$25 thousand a month entertainment; G$25 thousand a month for security; Vacation one month basic salary or 42 days a year. So this financial package totals G$500,000 a month.

  But it does not end there Fuzzy will also receive the following:

  The corporation will be responsible for payment of all phone, cellular and landline, services including official overseas calls.

  The corporation will provide and maintain a motor vehicle for the exclusive use of the person engaged. A driver will also be provided.

   Schedule 4 tells us that if because of illness he is incapable of discharging his duties he will be paid one month's salary in lieu of notice.

   Schedule 5. tells us that Fuzzy will be entitled to 42 days paid leave/year counting from the first day he was appointed.

  Schedule 6. Deals with the causes for dismissal, paramount among which is the absolute necessity for secrecy in every thing that he is instructed to do.

  Schedule 11. Says this and I again quote "this agreement is to be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Guyana". After breaking every known law concerning how a person employed in a public corporation should be treated, Luncheon tells him that the agreement should be interpreted according to the laws of Guyana. You're kidding right doc?? I am going to stop here I have given this document to some strategic persons for their information/ perusal/ comments and action.