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22 October 2017


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Presidential Lies
(Aired 23 November 2005)

   The President of a country should be someone who is above reproach, he should lead an exemplary life style setting an example to the rest of his nation, there is no such thing as the private life of a President, his entire existence by virtue of his office is of public concern and if he had any regard for his people whatsoever, he would force himself during the period that he is the President to behave in a manner which is above reproach and in keeping with the high office he holds as our national political leader. 

    I am not going to go into what the public perception of Bharat Jagdeo's private life is, tonight, let it suffice that I say that as a Guyanese of some moral conviction, I feel that he is far too unaware of what his image is like, and is doing nothing to repair it, but I suppose that comes from the contempt he holds for those who have voted him into office and even the rest of us who did not, since, notwithstanding that he was voted in by a certain section of the population he became the President of all of us Guyanese and he took an oath of office to treat us all equally and to carry out the functions which was entrusted to him without fear or favour, and most of us are overlooking and making excuses for things that we see and hear about his private life which we should not be allowing, but that is for your conscience ladies and Gentlemen, you have to decide. I have no intention of passing judgement on him on my own.

    What I do know is that a President should not stand up in any public place in front of the media and distort the truth for crass political mileage.

   On November 14th 2005 this President stood in the town of New Amsterdam at the opening of a new hotel called Little Rock Suites which it is alleged cost 280 million dollars to build and which is owned by Rockliff Christie the owner of Little Rock Hotel, and Little Rock TV New Amsterdam a hotel he was accused of building with monies which were obtained by unconventional means from the people of Guyana as superintendent of works in Berbice in the late 1970's, and the Desmond Hoyte Government had in fact initiated legal proceedings against Christie and put a lien on his Little Rock Hotel pending the outcome of the trial. 

   Christie has become very partisan in his political activities of late, refusing to play any political programme except PPP propaganda even if other opposition political forces offer to pay him for such programmes showing clearly that he does not deserve to hold a broadcast license, since he does not understand his role to serve the public's interest, necessity and convenience, I know this because it was reported to me that he has refused to play programmes for both the PNC and the Alliance for Change even if they paid him. You know ladies and gentlemen it is really obscene that there are certain Television stations in this country which for whatever reason are virtually under the control of the government mostly they gain financially by, it and it is wrong.

    I am going to deal with this in more depth later, for the time being suffice it to say that this President went there to New Amsterdam drooling for the one million US dollar investment it represents, since in terms of investment this year can only be described as a hard Guava season, and in the process his illiterate staff did not advise him that the new Little Rock Suites is owned by a person of dubious character that the structure  intrudes illegally into Church Street, one of the main streets in New Amsterdam, which breaks all of the building codes of the town, it totally escaped Jagdeo that the fence for this new Hotel is built over an interlot drain that can cause flooding if the town receives any significant rainfall, it totally escapes him that the hotel is built too close to its fences probably breaking the town  council's regulations concerning adjoining buildings. By agreeing to go there to open these facilities he has given his blessing to the numerous building code violations this building represents. As if that were not enough Mr. Jagdeo says this. [play video]

    Mr. Jagdeo is therefore claiming credit for the following six financial actions which facilitates investment in Guyana today;

  1. The Exchange Control Act
  2. The Capital Issues Act;
  3. A New Banking Act;
  4. A New Companies Act;
  5. A Modern Insurance Act
  6. New Securities Legislation;

   Now notwithstanding everything else I say, I cannot go around calling the President a liar and I am not given to using terms like "being economical with the truth" so I will say what I have to say this way;

     It completely escaped Mr. Jagdeo's attention that #1 the Exchange Control Act was initiated by Hoyte with the ‘Dealers in Foreign Currency Act 1989' establishing the Cambios.

     It completely escaped his attention that #2 the ‘Capital Issues Act' was a Hoyte initiative Act # 29 of 1991

    It completely escaped his attention that #3 does not exist there was no new Banking Act. In fact the Banking Act was repealed, not introduced by the Financial Institutions Act 1995 by former Minister of Finance Asgar Ally.

    It completely escaped his attention that #4 the New Companies Act was a Hoyte initiative Act no 29 of 1991.

    It completely escaped his attention that #5 the new Securities Legislation # 20 of 1998 was prompted by requirements of the International Financial Institutions when Mrs. Jagan was President.   

   It completely escaped his attention that #6 the Securities Industry Act #21 of 1998 also at the request of the International Financial Institutions when Mrs Jagan was President.

   As far as the mutualisation of the powers of the Chief justice is concerned, the leader of the opposition would have to agree to these appointments for them to become legal, I expect that now that Mr. Corbin in Back he will announce that he has no intention of assenting to the confirmation of either the Chancellor or the Chief Justice if this bill is passed in parliament turning the Chief Justice's position into just a notch above the other Pusine judges.

   I would also like to advise Dr. Luncheon that no other Caribbean territory I know of has a Chancellor since they have the right to appeal to the Privy Council in Britain, which we did away with it in our 1980 constitution, so his pathetic attempt at an explanation that we need modern legislation to come in line with other Caribbean territories in view of the imminent introduction of the Caribbean Court of Justice, is complete nonsense and I for one reject it entirely.