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18 October 2017


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(Aired 10 January 2006)

   Kellawan Lall AKA Peck the political advisor to the President of this country has been at the centre of controversy during almost all of 2005, first his wife Savitry turned up at a local hospital in May loaded with poison she allegedly administered to herself and from which she subsequently died.

    We the general public have never been told the entire story behind these strange goings on, and why for example would anyone take poison and then call a Taxi and go to the Hospital? It is very strange and flies in the face of reason!

  Then we were told that Peck also had to be hospitalised on the same day for some undisclosed ailment, some speculated that his wife had shot him before she drank whatever it was that she drank, again I do not consider that the reasons and/or the causes of his sudden ailment were ever properly disclosed to the people in this nation, to whom this man is accountable, since he is being paid with their money.

  In the absence of an explanation from Pecker [or anyone else for that matter] on what all of these strange goings on mean, I am free to speculate with the facts at my disposal, and since no one has explained what happened, I will conclude that they did not tell us what happened for sinister reasons and I will draw only the most adverse inferences from their silence.

    What I do know is that on the day his wife drank the poison Pecker was having a drink with an undisclosed woman at a certain shop in Cummings Lodge when his wife came in found them together, and there was a huge altercation between Pecker, his wife and this woman, so I am forced to conclude that Pecker's wife committed suicide because he was philandering.

     Before I get to Pecker I want to tell you that I perceive that the Ethnic Relations Commission the ERC, headed by Juan Edgill allegedly a bishop of dubious origin, no one can remember him being a vicar much less a Bishop, is just an election football dreamed up by the PPP to bolster that party's failing popularity just before an election, this ERC is going around the country conducting a charade of investigating allegations of ethnic violations, they have even visited Amerindian villages as you have seen on this newscast, what is Edgill doing looking for ethnic problems in closed communities such as an Amerindian village? It only makes sense if he is doing political propaganda work for the PPP at the state's expense that would explain it. What I do know is that in my region which has serious ethnic relations problems at the regional office, and also in region 4 which is worse where the afro Guyanese are being starved for money to conduct their affairs in the region and the city of Georgetown, Edgill and his merry throng of rubber stamps have said nothing! Everyone will recall a similar useless operation headed by that other PPP ethnic prop Lumumba just before the last election in 2000 going around the place implementing what was called the President's Youth Initiative, generally a failure because it was an election gimmick for the 2001 election and was completely forgotten after that election.

    Now we come back to the Pecker, sometime in the past Pecker was made a member of the Guyana Lotteries Commission, now to the best of my knowledge this is a private company set up in Guyana by Canadian Bank Note to carry out the national lottery. It now appears that sometime last year he became involved with one Desiree Shaa an employee of the lottery company.

    Sometime in September 2005 Pecker made a complaint to the Ethnic Relations Commission that there were ethnic problems at the lottery company. What he neglected to tell the ERC was that he has had several run-ins with the local Canadian Bank Note representatives dating back several months alleging that Miss Shaa an employee of the lottery company, was not being properly treated.

    Pecker who I believe instigated ethnic tensions at the Lottery company has been pushing for what he calls a resolution of the ethnic matter there, and his attention focused on one person, the manager of the Guyana Lottery company Ms. Tracy Lewis for the simple reason that that Miss Shaa cannot get along with Miss Lewis and therefore Mrs Lewis had to go, of course on hearing all of this Mr. Bascom the head man in Canada of Canadian Bank Note came to Guyana and personally investigated these allegations against Tracy Lewis and found no basis whatsoever for them. Pecker however kept demanding that Miss Shaa's salary G $220,000/month was woefully inadequate [poor child] and that they would have to double it and that he [Pecker] personally would negotiate it and that Tracey Lewis must go. There may have been other demands but I do not have proper corroboration so I will leave it out for now but it concerns visas etc.for Shaa. The Pecker however made it plain that the renewal of Canadian Bank Note's contract up this year in May was dependent on these demands being met. 

    Shaa was, Pecker told CBN just someone he knew casually, ladies and gentlemen I do not believe in Santa Claus nor the Tooth Fairy either and an examination of Ms. Shaa's private telephone records at the lottery company showed calls to a certain number at the office of the President during the period 14th to 16th September 2006. There were 7 calls between Shaa and someone at the OP during these 3 days alone these calls totalled 257 minutes! 4 and a half hours in three days!, now since the Pecker was pushing for Shaa to get better privileges etc., at the lottery company who else would she be talking to at the OP? Those of you who said the Pecker, got 100 marks!

   Casual acquaintance my foot Pecker! Is that what it we are paying Pecker for, to Peck his way through the day talking for 257 minutes to a female employee of the Lottery Company!

    I am accusing Pecker of using and abusing his office to promote his own personal affairs, I am accusing him of threatening a foreign Canadian company for base and personal reasons, I am accusing him of bringing the ERC into the matter as a big stick to get his demands for Shaa, I am accusing him of instigating ethnic problems for the Lottery company through someone called called Yasin who started all of these racial allegations at the lottery company since June 2005, I am accusing the ERC and Edhill specifically, of facilitating the Pecker to play this obscene game of victimisation on one Tracy Lewis because she and Shaa, Pecker's friend, could not get along! If I had an employee who was talking to their friend for 257 minutes in three days on my phone instead of doing my job, I would have kicked them out of the place, personally.

   My newscast will not report anything further on the ERC, as of the end of this commentary it does not exist, others are invited to join me if they wish, as far as I am concerned they are a disgrace, a blotch on this nation and they represent no one! Until an Ethnic Relations Commission is appointed by a majority of the Parliament, I will not accept it! On the evening of 21st December I had the pleasure of attending a TUC function to honour the Distinguished Professor Dr. Clive Thomas, at that gathering I met ERC member Mr. Garnett a member from the Trades Union Congress and we discussed the press release from the ERC condemning Tracy Lewis and the Lottery Company issued that day, present were Mr. Garnett, Robert Corbin, Lincoln Lewis and Basil Williams and we were told by Mr Garnett that the lottery company and Canadian Bank Note were investigated by the ERC and that they found nothing, and he was not aware that the ERC had issued a statement to the media questioning the employment practices of the Lottery Company. Edgill acting alone and carrying out an agenda for the Pecker issued that press release condemning the employment practices of CBN. 

   There are no ethnic problems going on at the lottery company, even the ERC now says that there is no evidence of ethnic discrimination, there were only ethnic complaints, we all know who instigated these ethnic complaints don't we ladies and gentlemen? There are 36 employees at the Guyana Lottery Company 15 are Indian, 12 are Blacks and 9 are mixed. Where is the discrimination in this?

     All women in this country, and I mean all of you whatever race you happen to be should condemn this behaviour, this is a married man in high public office performing acts which persecuted and led his poor wife to commit suicide and is actively in the process of destroying the life of another woman using the state's apparatus to do it, and I for one want Pecker's head on a stick! He is a disgrace to our Presidential seal.