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18 October 2017


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(Aired 5 July 2006)

    Every day we receive information it comes from everywhere, our families, our bodies, our neighbors, our co workers, our friends and so on; this information is not always accurate sometimes we have to use our brain, assuming that we have one, to convert this information into intelligence; that is how the Central Intelligence Agency of the US operates, they gather information from various regions from all over the world and they give that information to specialist in specific areas who analyze the information using a combination of experience, knowledge and training and then distill from the information or raw data what is superfluous and what is important they then convert this information into intelligence which will guide their leaders in making foreign policy etc.

   On the 19th March 2006 something happened in this country which will have a fundamental effect on all of our lives for some time to come, it was a Sunday and the police and the GDF had cordoned off all properties and business enterprises that a Guyanese businessman called Roger Khan was suspected of being connected to. Khan was, it was alleged by the police, implicated in the missing AK 47 weapons from the Guyana Defense Force. In the searches of Kahn's enterprises that followed over the next 4 days no AK 47's were found but numerous other illegal firearms and other equipment was found at several locations and caused a number of persons to be arrested several of whom were placed before the courts. They had also issued a wanted bulletin for four men including Khan, among whom were former members of the Tactical Special Squad or feared black clothes police, leading to the conclusion that when the Black clothes group as disbanded, Kahn rehired them into his own army. 

   The DEA of America estimates that the amount of cocaine exported from Guyana is approximately 25 tons a year or 150 million US dollars a year. And the DEA and the US officials apparently have evidence that this Roger Khan was a major player in the export of this 25 tons of Cocaine per year to the US. The way Khan was collected is nothing new, since what the US wants the US gets, and when on Saturday May 6th 2006 a senior member of the US embassy here in Guyana confirmed that a New York Grand Jury had indicted Khan on a charge of conspiracy to import cocaine into the US,

 Khan's fate was sealed, and they did find a way to take him to the US to face the charges, that is real power and it is nothing compared to what happened before; for example in 1989 the President of Panama himself, Manuel Noriega, was taken from Panama when US troops invaded the country, and forcibly took him to the US to answer charges for drug related offences, Noriega was convicted in 1992, and is still in Jail in the US today. In 2004 he suffered a mild heart attack wand was hospitalized for a period then returned to prison. In this case the Surinamese Government voluntarily gave Khan over to the US authorities making an incursion unnecessary.

   In the saga that unfolded before a disbelieving Guyanese public Khan, through his lawyers, began making claims that he was associated with the government and the police since 2002 to quell a rebellion in Guyana. Now it had long been suspected by the Guyanese public that during this period when Gajraj was the minister of Home Affairs, that he was working with an underground set of heavily armed and well equipped gang that was engaged in the eradication of dozens of Guyanese without trial, a practice commonly referred to as extrajudicial killings, and were referred to as the Phantom gang.  

    If this is true, then in the hands of the US authorities Khan poses a clear and present danger to the PPP administration, since if it comes out under questioning that they were indeed in this unholy partnership with this alleged drug lord to commit extra judicial extermination of any and all persons perceived to be part of any orginisation to cause a rebellion in Guyana, then something very nasty is about to hit the fan. What is significant is that this Roger Khan hailed by many as the savior from the terrorists may have been the head of an ongoing blood thirsty killer group since from the day Khan went undercover after the police and the GDF closed all of his businesses on March 19th 2006 Guyana has become a relatively peaceful place, it cannot be a coincidence, so one is forced to ask the question was Khan helping the police to quell the crime spree, or was he or part of his gang the actual crime spree? I can only ask the question ladies and gentlemen you have to answer it.

   In the mean time most Guyanese believe that this whole matter is now over, and frankly this is my reason for getting involved in this stage after maintaining my silence for so long, this matter is just starting, I have no doubt that Khan will face trial in the US, I have very little doubt that they will declare him guilty of numerous offences, I have little doubt that he will receive a hefty jail sentence, the US state department and the DEA would not go to all of this trouble if they did not have a solid case against Khan, since if they did and it backfired they would open themselves to condemnation from numerous diplomatic and human rights sources .  This leaves the matter of what Khan will tell them about his activities working here with the Government of Guyana and the police since 2002 very open to question. If you pass down Robb Street be careful, the whole of Freedom house is shaking on its foundations.

    Now we come to Khan's property, ladies and gentlemen it is no secret if you followed the saga closely as it unfolded that Khan is an extremely wealthy man! now apparently this money is being sought be members of Khan's gang who are currently in some disarray but sooner or later someone will emerge to consolidate Khan's drug empire and this in turn can lead to a whole new round of crime, there is also ample evidence that Roger Khan perceived himself to be above the law, since by his own admission he was helping the PPP to maintain law and order, so his holdings in numerous enterprises including Dream Works, Willems Timber, $500 million invested in a hotel being built at this time, 300 million in a housing development somewhere else, Khan apparently maintained ownership of these enterprises using his army to enforce his will against any who sought to defraud him rather than registering them legally in his name, but with him in jail for life in the US, what happens to these shell companies and their alleged owners? Will they simply celebrate their good fortune and fraudulently convert Khan's properties to themselves since he is not in a position to enforce his will? I believe so, and this also can lead to a new round of gang warfare if Khan reaches out from Jail to impose his ownership rights with the massive amount of his ill gotten gains still unaccounted for.

   Ladies and gentlemen you have to decide, considering that it was the Surinamese Government which moved against Khan, whether it makes sense that this country which was Khan's headquarters neither the government nor the police can produce one shred of evidence against him, it tells a story of complicity and cooperation between Khan and the PPP. They have not even initiated investigations into his inexplicable wealth by the Revenue Authority.

   Very few people earn my respect, but an aging commissioner of police about to retire, went after this drug lord knowing that when he retires shortly he will not have the police force to protect him against Khan's considerable army, he nevertheless went after him and in one fell swoop destroyed a drug cartel which was probably escalating the crime situation in the country and was probably the biggest illegal drug operation ever built by any one person in the Caribbean right under the nose of the Government in this country and they cannot produce one shred of evidence against him, in fact Dr. Luncheon openly admitted that he does not even know who Roger Khan is. How sad!