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18 October 2017


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I am back
(Aired 15 April 2011)

It is self-evident that I am back in Guyana since you are looking at me tonight, I am confirming now that I have returned to live in Guyana. This first commentary sums up where I am now in my life and where I propose to go in the future.

    So on this station at times to be advertised later you will see my comments weekly, I have never attempted to do more than 1 maybe 2 comments a week so I will try to maintain that pace.                        

                                                   It's good to be home.

     Whatever else can be said of the PPP under Jagdeo's stewardship no one can deny that they are a dictatorial, corrupt, vindictive lot, intolerant of any criticism of their excesses, they sabotaged my advertising base by threatening people who were advertising on VCT thereby, placing me in debt forcing me to sell my house, my station and my life in Guyana. I am saying it clearly now that I was sabotaged and victimised by the Jagdeo Administration and they almost bankrupted me and chased me from my homeland and someone will pay.

      This sabotage by the government was tried on me before under an opposition led by Mr. Desmond Hoyte, and when I brought it to his attention he got Dr. Kenneth King to mobilise ACDA on my behalf, some of you may remember the don't buy the Chronicle or DDL products and don't bank at GBTI story in the mid 1990's, that stopped the Jagans in their tracks. i.e. Hoyte protected me.

    The simple fact was that Desmond Hoyte understood that if he could not protect people like me who were fighting for him, then he was weakening himself when we fell..... Just as you must understand that people like me who are fighting for a better Guyana where justice, freedom and equality prevail on your behalf, all of you, since I have never spoken only for afro Guyanese, I have always spoken for all of you especially farmers since I saw that you were all were being badly served by this government which is incapable of solving your problems and are more concerned with filling their pockets and the pockets of that very select group who are becoming billionaires benefiting from all of the illegality and corruption which is going on under Jagdeo, so it is simple, you have to protect me when I speak on your behalf, because if you don't then I will fail and you will fail with me. Channel 9 is about to fail, so you have to do something about that as well and I will tell you in another commentary what you must do to protect it in this election year.

     So now we come to Mr. Bharat Jagdeo; a few months ago a UK company on making public comments on Mr. Jagdeo's carbon credit agreement with Norway, accused this nation's managers i.e. the government , of using "junk economics" to represent this country's annual rate of deforestation; ladies and gentlemen when this International firm, which guides the European Union, says that our LCDS is based on junk economics and lies, they are insulting all of us not just Bharat Jagdeo.  This man hires people from the World Bank and the IDB at some very fancy salaries for the sole purpose of cooking our performance books so that they look OK to the international financial institutions. But if they were to look carefully they would see that it is all nonsense. They even, one Stabroek business columnist on Sunday tell us, they used junk economics and lies to describe the annual growth in this country during the 2011 budget analysis.

        I must now come back for a moment to my leaving Guyana in 2009 and why the VCT channel is now controlled by the PPP, the PNC under Corbin did nothing to help me, notwithstanding their full understanding that the government was mutilating me financially for attacking them, first by taking away the lotto draw, a major source of revenue to VCT, then by sabotaging my advertising and then by taking Trinity Broadcasting off the air in a questionable series of events orchestrated by Bharat Jagdeo, I must tell you that for channel 72 to be broadcasting the music and the other nonsense they are broadcasting to this nation now, you lost both VCT and Trinity Broadcasting.        

     There are consequences to inaction just as there are consequences to action. You have to understand ladies and gentlemen that if you empower those who are against you, you diminish yourself; I am actually more annoyed with the PNC for not protecting me than I am annoyed at what the PPP did to try to bankrupt me. You decide if that is right thinking!     

        And I repeat when an incompetent opposition cannot represent and protect those who are supporting them, then they are weakening themselves. I think that few people in this country would not agree with me that under Corbin we have a weak opposition incapable of representing their supporters in this country.

     And in case there are any would be critics out there who will say that I was with the PNC in Parliament let me say this, again, I never joined the PNC, I was in a collation with them on the one Guyana platform because of my personal popularity with you the public, but I had great difficulty working with them,... for example I was against giving full support to Cricket World Cup [CWC], if I had my way we would have garnered public support to display non-cooperation for the event. We only needed to do it for two weeks prior to the event, I even did a commentary on it, its entitled "Window of Opportunity" and was aired on the 4th February 2007 it is on my website and here is what I said, quote "But he [Jagdeo] has put himself in a very vulnerable situation since he has virtually put all of his eggs in this one CWC basket and anyone who wants to bring him hat in hand to the bargaining table to implement some of the things which he promised Hoyte to implement and which would democratise this nation but which he and the PPP has frustrated at every turn, would have to be implemented.

   Hoyte and the PNC had to march and agitate for years to get those concessions, and to forget the consequences of those disruptions by not honouring them is an insult to him and his supporters, so now, since Mr. Jagdeo has put himself in such a vulnerable situation by putting all of his eggs in this one CWC basket, he has committed a cardinal error in the rules of engagement and the PNC, the Church, the Unions, the opposition political parties and the people in this nation waiting for justice have an opportunity to threaten to upset Jagdeo's world cup cricket plans or force the implementation of the permanent changes necessary to bring a stoppage to the executive lawlessness and injustices which are going on in this nation. I will not even bring up the matter of the total dissatisfaction we have with VAT in this country at this time, so any protest, strike, or disruption anytime between now and say the end of February will inevitably force him to the bargaining table". End quote.

    So the PPP were very vulnerable at that time given all of the money they had spent on stadiums, national preparations, 4 lane highway etc., any unrest at that time would have forced Jagdeo to the table to sign away a major concessions to the opposition. Corbin never took advantage of these and other opportunities, Carifesta for example and I wrote a letter of resignation as his collation partner in Parliament and gave it to him in 2007; he never accepted it. I never did not state any reasons for my resignation I do so now.

    Ladies and Gentlemen  Civil unrest does not have to take the form of these mass marches which require such a large sacrifice by the opposition supporters and feared by the public at large, I have said this before you get 1000 volunteer activists from the 150,000 or so people in this country who are our opposition constituents and consistently twice a week, every week, you get 50 people to picket two places, Home Affairs Ministry, Health Ministry, the Supreme Court, the US Embassy etc. since you have 1000 volunteers, a person would only have to give up one day every 10 weeks i.e. 50 persons twice a week is 100 persons per week divided by 1000 = 10 weeks, if more want to join in then fair enough the more the merrier, too much is going wrong in this country and it is necessary that the opposition be involved in on-going militant protest at all times. I was very happy to see that the majority of those who met the PNC presidential candidates around the country at the town hall meetings were calling for more militancy from the PNC. I agree, I am not sure that you will get it but I am sure now that we can accomplish much more by being militant than by depending on institutions like Parliament and the courts which do not work.

    Since my commentaries are about bringing facts to you, there are two facts which I want to open this first comment with tonight and I will elaborate on them in the coming weeks.

     A few days ago the Stabroek news announced that the Surinamese Government are partnering with the Chinese to build a railroad to Brazil and a deep water harbour at an expense of US$ 6 B! this is not planning and promises ladies and gentlemen this is an inked deal, do you have any idea what jobs this will create for the Surinamese and of course the Chinese, all of this is to transport whatever it is that the Brazilians want to get to the ocean through Suriname, something I, and especially Mr. Stanley Ming, have been advocating since 2001!!

     When Mr. Lula was here recently, he repeated his appeal to the dunderheads running this country to join him in developing the states of Roraima and Amazonas to the mutual benefit of both Brazil [the 9th biggest economy on the planet] and Guyana, one of the poorest countries on the planet, he even offered to build the road from Lethem to Linden himself;  but we keep procrastinating no one can call what flipping Motalall is doing a serious attempt to build a road to Ameila, neary 8 months have elapsed since the deal was announced and not much of a road has even been started!

   Just before the last election in 2006 Sam Hinds announced that he had inked an MOU with Motilall to build a hydropower dam at Amelia and after the election we heard nothing further about it, this has now become a sort of ridiculous, boring, political football played just before every election since 2001, I am now forced to accuse Bharat Jagdeo of deliberately frustrating any deal with Brazil since he is content to bleed the Guyanese people with taxes to fuel his corrupt government rather than risk Guyana becoming truly rich and endanger him and his comrades from staying in power! I repeat I am accusing him of keeping us poor so that the PPP can stay in power, if this perception is right, words fail me to describe such an atrocity.

   Instead our government, which is the most expensive government anywhere, is using "junk economics" to get the Norwegians to give us a hand-out of US $50 M a year to build castles in Pradoville 2,3,4,etc. You ladies and gentlemen, certainly ain't getting none!!  I said the most expensive government anywhere and this is the evidence, the Bank of Guyana annual report for 2009 tells us what is happening, in 1999 when this man Jagdeo, allegedly an economist, became our President taking over from the ailing Mrs Jagan the cost of running the government was around $17 billion a year; by 2009 the cost of running the government was over 39 billion dollars a year. If Mr Jagdeo could stop running such an expensive, incompetent and corrupt government and appoint 9 ministers which is what the British tell us we should have and run the country like a competent manager, he can reduce the cost of governing the country from 40 billion to 20 billion and by doing so he can reduce VAT to 8%.