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18 October 2017


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Vicious agenda
(Aired 28 April 2011)

  First of all I would like to address the drivel written in the Kaiteur news dated Saturday 26th February 2011 by one Azeem Khan of the ERC, frankly Khan completely missed the point I was making, since he is clearly an idiot and I will not answer the nonsense he wrote directly but I will make the following statement for his benefit since he seems to be completely unaware that almost everyone in this country despises the ERC and Juan Edghill and what it stands for, since it has been completely corrupted by Bharat Jagdeo.  Before I go further I want to remind everyone that Mr. Jagdeo who has co-opted Juan Edghill to marginalise the Christian religion in this country, dances at Christian functions assisted by Raphael Trotman, I kept asking myself if it is possible that Trotman, an intelligent, politically active man could possibly have missed Jagdeo's agenda regarding the Christians in this country, to have joined him on stage in a celebration of Christianity as he did? Come on Raf you have to be aware of these things, most of your constituents are Christians and you are dancing with a man who has been systematically attempting to deprive them of their rights.

    For a long time now we in opposition to the PPP have been aware that the Ethnic Relations Commission [ERC] had an agenda which was very unhealthy.  It has endeavoured to create a facade of ethnic harmony in a country where the Government was committing marginalisation and pauperisation of a substantial section of the population Linden, Georgetown, Buxton, Agricola, New Amsterdam, Itica, Victoria, etc., whilst at the same time threatening anyone who dares to question it. This deprivation of rights and freedoms is referred to by Desmond Hoyte in his speech at Buxton on the 10th of October 2002 and I quote him "And so today, comrades, as new oppressors arise [i.e. Jagdeo], new violators of human rights [i.e. Jagdeo], people who want to relegate us to the status of hewers of wood and drawers of water [i.e. Jagdeo], you will resist them.  You have always resisted the oppressors.  You are resisting them today, you have resisted them in the past, and you will resist them in the future because no tyrant [i.e. Jagdeo] can quench your thirst for freedom.  No tyrant [i.e. Jagdeo] can cause you to bend your knees to oppression.  It is just not in your character.  And so today in the tradition of your ancestors you are resisting strenuously - and rightly so." end quote, I don't know what Mr. Hoyte would have said were he alive to see what is going on now.     

     What I do know is that Buxton and other neighbourhoods along the east coast because of neglect of their basic drainage needs become flooded after a heavy rainfall sometimes for 5 weeks at a time due to the marginalisation Hoyte spoke about.

   The ERC was conceived in the constitutional reform process as a mechanism to heal the racial conflicts in this nation, but its first chairman Juan Edghill financed by Bharat Jagdeo perpetuated a rancid agenda of ensuring that the Afro Guyanese and now Christians were kept in line, subservient to the status quo even as their rights were being eroded and if they dare to object they are deemed to be inciting by the ERC, I need not add that after Hoyte died, they were allowed to do so with impunity since it is my firm position that after Desmond Hoyte died there ceased to be a viable opposition in this country.  Nevertheless the opposition did refuse to support any process in Parliament since 2008 which could reconstitute the ERC under this man Edghill, but they did nothing to actually stop him from executing his vile agenda, even though the statutory time of the ERC has expired.

   At this time, April 2011, he and this fool Azeem Khan at the ERC who attacked and insulted me when I spoke out against what I saw was going on, must be aware that the ERC has no Current constitutional power, but Edghill nevertheless continues to badger the television broadcasters since they are the most susceptible because they operate on a government license. Here is a man who is part of a systematic deprivation of rights according to Desmond Hoyte's perceptions of the situation, and at the same time he is betraying his sworn duty to operate the ERC in the interest of all Guyanese, to heal the deep ethnic divisions which exist in our society, it is dangerous for those divisions to exist, it is dangerous to all of us; Some months ago in the Freddie Kissoon column in the Kaiteur news Freddie concluded that "the ERC has become a dangerous agent. It must be stopped " I agree with him completely, but the plot thickens even more, since a few days later on the 25th February 2011 there appeared a letter from Mr. Roger Williams in the Kaiteur News which explores evidence from the past which gives a glimpse of the depths of depravity to which the ERC has descended, Williams discloses that the Inter Faith Channel [IFC] was the brainchild of the Inter Faith Orginisation chaired by this so called Bishop Edghill, and was conceived as a mechanism to control Christians by marginalising the Guyana Council of Churches which Edghill could not control, so this Inter Faith Organisation was formed and by a systematic coercion of certain leaders of the Christian religion who joined Edghill to marginalise the Guyana Council of Churches and one of the bribes offered these so called leaders of the Christian religion in this country was that Jagdeo would finance an interfaith channel and give Christians 30% of the time on the channel; this is of course ridiculous since Christians in this nation account for more than 55% of the population! I am sure that one of the conditions of having this 30% occupation of this channel, was that they must stay politically silent; because of it they did not they would be penalised, they for example did nothing when TBN was taken off the air even though their constituents, all of them, wanted it, i.e. these so called leaders of Christianity by settling for an inferior status on this channel in relation to their numbers have betraying the powerful Christian voice we are supposed to have in this nation. I have been making enquiries and one of my catholic priests tell me that no one knows from what Bishoprick Eedghill derives the status of Bishop, so in the process of making this illegitimate Bishop who, it is alleged, was not born with the name Juan Edghill and has served time in prison for a murder under his birth name, is the chief voice in this Inter Faith Organisation, well here is one Christian who will not settle for crumbs from Mr. Jagdeo's table and when the Broadcast Authority is formed all religions must get the opportunity to have a non commercial television station if they want to, and they will not have to share with it anyone, no Government must control religion in this country Edghill. Who does Jagdeo think he is? Henry V111!

   In his letter Mr. Williams asks a very relevant question, "what exactly is the truth about the Inter Religious Channel" and he actually answers his own question he says that in a letter to the media by one S. Gopaul in the Stabroek newsletters columns on June 3rd 2007 captioned "the Swami Aksharananda seeks to debunk Christianity , but then urges Christians to practice their religion in a tolerant way" this is the same type of Jagdeo hypocrisy when within a period of one month he tells the people at Babu John to instruct their children in what went on here in the past under Burnham, and then telling the people at Buxton that they must forget the past, my latest information is that it was this same Swami Aksharananda, who advised Jagdeo to take Trinity Broadcasting off the air since he was losing Hindus to the Christian religion. To those who say that I am only involved in all of this because TBN used to pay me to keep the channel on the air, well don't! I take my Christian religion very seriously and I was in the vanguard of the fight against abortions in this country and there was no TBN then. All the people who fought with me will attest to this. Former Bishop Singh and Keith Hardless will attest to this and I am Trinity's representative in Guyana. It's like cursing Beharry because they are the Toyota dealers in Guyana.

     So here is the situation finally out in the open, due to the usual crude, illiterate and clumsy handling of the situation by Jagdeo and Edghill, it is now disclosed that a diabolical plan was set in motion by Jagdeo using Edghill as a henchman to marginalise not only the Afro Guyanese through the ERC but we Christians as well! And the ERC is standing by to label as racial hatred any objections to this plan by either the Christians or Afro Guyanese in this country. I am raising my voice in objection Edghill tell me one word, and I will put this matter in front of the courts and disclose this entire stinking can of worms and challenge the fact that you have no right to tell me anything since you do not have any legal status in Guyana.  And I do believe that Mr. Ogunseye should go to court and challenge the legitimacy of the ERC at this time.

     The obvious pitfalls of the inter Faith Channel is clearly enunciated by the Stabroek News Editorial of Sunday 20th February 2011 "IRO TV Channel" the editors of the Stabroek news see that under the arranged structure such a channel would make the participating religious organisations  creatures to their political masters and whoever, including Mc Garrell and Edghill, who are party to this plot to marginalise the Christians, in a country in which they are in the vast majority, must now face the music, since this is ridiculous and unacceptable.  As I obtain the names of the Christian leaders who became activists of this abomination called the Inter Faith Religious Organisation, I will make them public, I hear that my own Catholic Bishop may have been misled into believing that this was the right thing to do and this answers the question of a recent letter writer in one of our dailies who asked why the Catholic Church is not as militant politically as it used to be, well apparently we have a few rotten apples at the very top of the barrel and I will disclose who they are to the Catholic community in this nation and we will take whatever action we deem necessary to stop it. I will myself ask for the signatures of several thousand Catholics to write the Archbishop of the West Indies to remove this Catholic Bishop from Guyana and replace him with an active one who will defend the Catholic faith and not make it subservient to the state in this country which has no respect for us and as a prelude to that action I am sending a copy of this commentary to the Archbishop in Trinidad.

         I will quote Mr. Hoyte again from his famous Buxton speech "The problem is not Buxton, it is in every village that is depressed and marginalized.  So another Buxton will arise if they could suppress this Buxton and more and more Buxtons will arise and they [PPP] will find themselves caught up in a maelstrom from which they themselves will not escape"

   Ladies and Gentlemen I wrote most of this almost two months ago but recording it was a problem so it was delayed until now but the proof that I am right came on Good Friday 22nd April 2011 when this Judas Edghill delivered the Christian leaders to their political masters by having them assemble in front of the Parliament building for Sam Pontius Pilate Hinds! It was an appropriate day for a betrayal.

    Finally I want to quote a line form Edmund Burke, the great statesman, author, orator, political theorist, and philosopher who said "all that is needed for evil to triumph, is that good men do nothing"!