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18 October 2017


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Appreciation of Jagdeo
(Aired 17 September 2011)

     On Friday 16th there will be a huge gathering to celebrate Mr. Jagdeo's achievements as President in the National Stadium a white elephant which he built and which we really can't afford. All public servants have already been told that their attendance will be mandatory and our information is that they will be trucking in people from as far as Skeldon whether they want it or not. So this is a Burnham mass games exercise all over again.

  It will be a grand affair with fireworks and all the trimmings Hits and Jams will be there of course being huge supporters of Bharat Jagdeo, some of us consider it a fitting occasion for celebration since this man will finally be exiting the scene as our president.  We surely cannot celebrate anything positive which he has done but the fact that he is leaving is an excellent opportunity and reason to celebrate.

   In January this year the council on hemispheric affairs [COHA] issued a statement which was carried in the Stabroek news captioned "Jagdeo leaves a tattered legacy". Founded in 1975, the Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt independent research and information organization, which was established to promote the common interests of our hemisphere, to raise the visibility of regional affairs and increase the importance of the inter-American relationships, as well as encourage the formulation of rational and constructive U.S. policies towards Latin America.

    The first paragraph of this release on Jagdeo's tattered legacy COHA tells us and I quote it "Stagnation, Violence, Corruption, arch-sectarianism and unfettered crime is the heritage which Bharat Jagdeo will bequeath to his country" end quote. The report goes on to say that jagdeo could only receive the lowest of marks from any independent evaluation since his tolerance of crime, racism, and dismal social progress cannot earn him better than a 5th rate performance and that quote " Jagdeo will go down in history as a man who did almost nothing for his nation while in office"  

   The COHA report tells us that whilst Jagdeo has seen some economic successes his Government officials have been either unwilling or unable to share this modest prosperity with average Guyanese citizens. I don't subscribe to this view about the ‘modest economic successes' in the face of internal and external charges that the Jagdeo regime practices junk economics and lies, but I put it here to show that this is not a partisan group and are reporting honestly what they see happening in this country.

  As far as education is concerned Jagdeo does not get high marks from COHA quote "the allocation for education was significantly lower than 10 years ago" public spending on education dropped to 6.1 % of total GDP in 2007 down from 8.5% in 2000 because of this large drop in public spending on public education the percentage of primary school entrance age children enrolled dropped from 91.8% to 62.0%.

     COHA tells us that crime has escalated completely out of control, the now leaked US documents tell us that COHA was right since they thought that there was a close working relationship between the government and drug lords to bring order back to the society after the jailbreak and aided by drug lords and the target special squad black clothes police they have constituted themselves accusers, Judge, Jury and executioner in which more than 400 people were executed without benefit of a trial, incredibly according to COHA the Jagdeo administration rejected a request by the United States, Britain and Canada to do an independent probe of what amounted to repeated human rights violations. As one opposition leader told the COHA "they are gunning down people with impunity".

    Since it is now alleged that the biggest drug lord in the country was seen coming out of  Jagdeo's office during the height of the killings, there should be an investigation into what went on here and if what we think went on here did in fact go on, then this monster can go down as one of the biggest mass murderers of his own people, in history. 

As far as ethnicity and frustration are concerned here is what COHA had written and I quote it in its entirety "the violence in Guyana is all the bitterer for the ethnic undertones that colour it, Guyana's motto one people, one nation, one destiny only seems a cruel joke in the face of the stark division that has long seized the country- a division that Jagdeo has done almost nothing to address" begging the question where was the ERC during all of this? How could they have allowed this to happen?

    In concluding the COHA report tells us that on balance Jagdeo has failed during his presidency to advance the freedom and fairness of Guyanese public life or the inequities of the indo dominated Guyanese's society, increased economic growth is futile if it does not translate into a greater sense of prosperity within the entirety of the society; Jagdeo's two term presidency fell woefully short on that point. Social needs remain unmet due to inadequate spending on education and a lack of efforts to improve the quality of health care. Furthermore the perpetual presence of criminal and ethnic violence threatens the fabric of Guyanese society, and if anything has been aggravated by the indiscriminate response and violence of the public security forces.  

   I will not dwell on the British International accounting firm's report which guides the European Union, saying publicly that Jagdeo's LCDS is based on junk economics and lies. This raises questions about all of the statistics produced by this country since Jagdeo became president, common decency and honesty are just not part of his character and it stains us all.

    I will now quote from a Stabroek news article in its issue of 20th February 2011 captioned only half [of the] population is satisfied with how democracy is working; more than half view economy as country's biggest problem.  The survey was done by the Latin America public opinion project LAPOP. And Tells that 45.1% of our population were satisfied and 5.6% were very satisfied with our democracy here, in comparison with 38.8% who were dissatisfied and 10.5% who were very dissatisfied with the way our democracy works. The major preoccupation of Guyanese in 2009 are significantly different than what was contained in LAPOP's previous poll conducted in 2006, in three short years despite all of the junk economics regarding the growth of 3%, which many of our opposition economists question, in 2009, 56.2% of Guyanese identified the economy as the main problem in the country in 2006 it was it was only 40% which had this view; in 2009 the second highest concern of the Guyanese people were concerns about their security 13.1% had concerns about it but in 2006 27% of the population had security concerns. So with increasing effect the Guyanese people are beginning to become more concerned about our economy even though one can hardly claim that crime has lessened since 2006; but more and more of the people in this country are becoming concerned about our very poor economy, there are hungry people in this country and no one is paying attention I have said it over and over, it is a dangerous situation.

        So lets go to the stadium on Friday and let's give thanks to god in heaven [Juan Edghill will be one Christian person there even though other Christian leaders will not be there, there is a letter in today's 15th September newspaper claiming that some won't be participating. I have no doubt that that intellectually constipated fool Roshan Khan will also be there with his friend Edghill to blindly support the achievements of Jagdeo.   

   Finally before I sum up my list of Jagdeo's achievements which we must celebrate I want to remind everyone that in the Stabroek news of April 16 2011 my Ramoutar the PPP's presidential candidate for the 2011 elections proudly told the public that he was open to a Jagdeo role in his new government, so a vote for Donald will therefore be a vote Bharat.

     So I want to express my appreciation for the destruction of the sugar and Bauxite industries, I especially wan to express my appreciation about to how our workers in Bauxite are being treated in this country today by their Chinese and Russian bosses and to congratulate Jagdeo for giving everyone at Linden emphysema from the bauxite dust, I want to express my appreciation to the destruction of the trades union congress, I especially appreciate the success of the Skeldon modernisation project the biggest economic disaster this country has ever seen, I want to congratulate Mr. Jagdeo for failing to exploit the huge economic benefits which can be derived from closer ties with Brazil, and I totally appreciate the four lane road from Lethem to Linden which he promised 9 years ago, I also appreciate the state that our National insurance scheme is currently in as a result of excellent management and investments of the profits with Clico, I certainly really appreciate the fact that after taking over the government from Mrs Jagan which was costing 16.7 billion in 1999 Jagdeo increased the government's spending in 2009 to nearly 40 billion ladies and gentlemen I don't want you to get this wrong the increased cost is not what was spent on better education etc its spent on keeping Jagdeo and his corrupt government functionaries in air conditioned duty free fancy cars, expensive offices and fancy houses earned by a level of corruption unprecedented in our history not to mention the corruption in public office to make our economy such that only half of us are happy with it.

   I want to express on behalf of my children my complete appreciation of him turning this country into one of the most important narco states in this hemisphere, and in doing so has escalated the incidence of violent crime completely out of control by appointing an incompetent and probably corrupt Police Commissioner of police which he personally appointed against the advice of the Americans as being at least compromised if not actively involved in the narcotics trade to the extent that his US visa has been revoked. I want to express my appreciation for the way he treated his reputed wife, she is a woman with rights whether she was his legal wife or not, and for him to treat her in the manner described by her in the newspapers, in a country where the rights of women is important, was a shock which I have not recovered from as yet.  I want to express my appreciation for many more of Jagdeo's accomplishments but time has run out for this commentary I could go on for quite a bit longer. I want to express my appriceation at the level of fear which exists in the nation as a result of open executive lawlessness and victimisation of the public including our Judges by persons in high office.