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22 October 2017


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Violations of the Representation of the People's Act
(Aired 18 October 2011)

     In my commentary rigging, aired on 11th June 2011, I stated that as far as our laws go and according to the strictest definition of the term electoral fraud the PPP have been rigging elections in this country since 2001.

    There have already been major breaches in this election to date and I will outline them for you, but first I want to address a few matters, just before the Parliament was supposed to be dissolved for the summer break the government asked the opposition to work through the recess to pass what they said were some very important laws, they turned out to be the ridiculous broadcast authority legislation, the access to information legislation both of these have now been condemned by both local and International persons/organisations, the only person not in the PPP who said that the broadcast bill was OK since he was instrumental in drafting it was Khamraj Ramjattan, where were you when you drafted this Bill Kemraj in the Kremlin?  

   The third was the telecoms bill and two bills which they passed in the absence of the opposition was the supplementary funds to enlarge the budget by 13 million US dollars and 3.3 billion.

     An analysis of this situation in the context of the Guyana reality, tells us that the Government was expecting the REDD money, and when the Norwegians did not come through and we don't know if it ever will now that they understand who they are dealing with, the PPP were in a fix, they had an election coming and they needed the money to put on the lavish campaign to bolster their sagging popularity due to the poverty they have created in this country whilst at the same time making themselves and a few friends very, very rich so they needed extra cash to bribe their way to another 5 years of corruption, incompetence and maladministration. Using the taxpayers money, your money, to finance the elections

     The representation of the peoples act Section 116 deals with illegal practices and include these four main provisions

116: Any person who knowingly provides money

(a)    For any payment which is contrary to this act.

(b)   For any expenses in excess of the maximum allowed by this act;

(c)    To replace any money expended in any such payment or expenses

(d)   Shall be guilty of illegal payment.

The act also states very clearly that state resources must not be used by any political party to campaign, some countries take this law very, very seriously in India for example Mrs. Indira Ghandi lost her job because during an election period she broke their laws by using a state helicopter to take her to a political rally.

     In our act corrupt practices include procuring or paying for providing food, drink, entertainment for corruptly influencing a person to vote for you or not to vote for someone else are deemed corrupt practices. The people who accept these bribes are also Guilty.

Section 130 lays out what corrupt practices are

130 (a) every person who directly or indirectly by himself or by any other person on his behalf-

(i)                 Gives or agrees to give; or

(ii)               Lends or agrees to lend; or

(iii)             Offers or promises; or

(iv)             Promises to procure

Any money or valuable consideration to or for any voter, or from any other person in order to induce any voter to vote for or to refrain from voting for someone is corrupt practice.

Sections (b) (c) & (d) of 116 makes even more rules which are considered corrupt practices.

  The opposition is in receipt of several reports from their supporters that the PPP is violating all of these provisions, to bribe people to vote for them, for example after they obtained the supplementary G 2.6 billion dollars in September 02 and another 3.32 billion on September 22 the next week they were in the Rupununi giving each household G$20,000 in flood relief for a flood which happened since June, the Rupununi area floods almost every year but only in 2006 and 2011, i.e.  election years did the PPP government go in with cash to buy votes [this time in the Rupununi cost them 40 million of your money] this is more money, I believe, than both of the main opposition parties have raised so far, since the PPP seem to have coerced and threatened every businessman not to give any financial support to the opposition for this election, remember that the law says that to coerce a person not to support or to support using threats can be interpreted under our laws as illegal, and any person who allows himself/herself to be threatened not to give money to the opposition parties so that we can have a fair election is guilty of an illegal act. Now remember that this cash which the PPP is using to bribe the people of the Rupununi is your taxes which is paying for it. I am not saying that the Amerindians don't deserve this money, but they should get it every year when there is flooding and not only in the election years. That is what makes it wrong.

    Here is Robert Persaud in the newspaper assuring the public that as campaign manager for the PPP/C he is assuring the public that state funds will not be used to finance the PPP's campaign, now I have never thought of Persaud as the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but having given his word to the media and the public that state funds resources will not be used to pay for the PPP election and given that the example I just gave you establishes him as not very truthful, I want to show you a few violations that have occurred to date by him as the PPP's campaign manager, this is a release from the Ministry of Agriculture its entitled Agri. Sector Delivers on PPP/C 2006 manifesto promises, nothing wrong with that but at the back of the booklet containing this pack of lies since sugar has had a massive drop in production since 2006 and so has nearly every other agricultural output, this pamphlet in violation of every rule of the Representation of the Peoples Act was produced, paid for and printed by the Ministry of Agriculture, this man is so incompetent, that one cursory look at the back of it shows how deceitful he is. And there are others for example under the guise of development there are numerous GINA pamphlets which are being shown to you now which  are paid for with taxpayers money all printed in June 2011 and all filled with lies about the accomplishments of the PPP/C all financed with your money since they are all produced and paid for by GINA i.e. the government not the PPP.

    These next set of video tells us that the PPP is using their governmental powers to transport people for the various rallies with trucks owned by GuySuCo and they are paying these people to come from Uitvlught and the Soesdyke highway to the Albion rally and from Skeldon for the Linden rally, and from everywhere for the kitty rally; really ladies and gentlemen how exactly does this government expect to get the opposition to accept the results of an election when they are up to this kind of nonsense, eyepass and rigging? We have credible reports that this hypocrite Robert Persaud who is saying one thing and doing something else, was in the Mahaicony area last week giving out money and fertilizer to coerce people to go to the Linden rally, all of this is illegal and since my information is reliable I call for an investigation by GECOM about these allegations.

    I mentioned it before and it is now confirmed that the PPP have not allowed the opposition to occupy any significant air time on the state owned media to tell their supporters what they intend to do. They are offering them 5 minutes a week!

   Every program, every newscast, every comment, not only denies the opposition any coverage but tells the public what a wonderful job the PPP is doing for the people by liars like Prem Misir using your taxes to tell you what a horrible job your leaders are doing as opposition and how disorganised they are but does not give them the right to reply! Well Misir according to international investigations by amnesty international this country is getting more deadly to live in daily and as a result the migration rate doubled between 2009 and 2010! Amnesty also tell us that we have a corrupt government, a corrupt police force and judicial system and that necause of gross mishandling of the economy a larger percentage of our people are getting poorer, our workers are underpaid and underemployed and it seems that the limited privatisations we have had like bauxite are being operated by people who have no respect for trade unions and collective bargaining, they tell us that our infant mortality rate is rising and that the percentage of our primary school enrolment of entrance age children dropped from 91.8% in 2000 to 62.0% in 2007 due to less money allocated to education according to a COHA report. You can show all of the beautiful schools you have built making the functionaries of the PPP rich in the corruption that accompanies the building of them Misir but it did not help our children, corruption never does!!

   This has created a huge problem for the PPP since Abraham Lincoln was right, "you can't fool all the people all the time" which is why the PPP now have to resort to more illegality to win this election by using the state's money to buy votes.