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19 November 2017


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(Aired 30 April 2015)

    No commentary is possible without understanding the spitefulness of the PPP especially Bharat Jagdeo; when the PPP loses this election there is no doubt that it will be due largely to what the PPP has become under Jagdeo and do not fool yourself, he is still very much in charge. Why else would anyone keep such a person in high profile when they must know that he is hurting them, so I join Dr Rupert Roopnarine in welcoming him to the APNU AFC Campaign.

   The Kaieteur tells us this horror story; on November 13 2014 "A damning report by the Office of the Ombudsman has concluded that police wrongfully charged the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and two of his managers of a massive $69M fraud at the New Building Society, in 2006."

 The explosive document by the public complaint office, released by Ombudsman, Justice Winston Moore, was based on complaints by Maurice Arjoon, the former CEO, who claimed that he was framed after he refused to illegally endorse the lending of $2B, in 2006. Arjoon's decision to only lend $350M in keeping with the country's financial laws angered former President Bharrat Jagdeo who allegedly threatened to deal with the top managers of New Building Society.

 The Ombudsman's report questioned the role that Director of Public Prosecution, Shalimar Ali-Hack, and her husband, Sheik-ul-Hack, played in the investigations.

 The report also questioned the police over missing key exhibits and failure to follow-up with obvious questions. The report also called for the case to be re-opened". I myself was sued by New Building Society for saying in a commentary NBS and Perversion aired on the 22 April 2009, that quote "A few of the shenanigans identified by Christopher Ram include the fact that when financing for the Berbice Bridge was first sought, the head of the Privatisation unit approached NBS to invest 2 Billion Guyana Dollars in the project; the board of NBS however declined to invest the $2 Billion and instead invested only $350 million.

   Since then there was a reshuffling of the NBS board, apparently they made the mistake of thinking that they were there to protect the investments of you, the citizens of this country, and not risk your money on shaky investments which the IDB had designated as not economically viable and so did not lend government the money to build the Berbice bridge, after removing the non-cooperative members of the NBS, who dared to oppose an instruction to invest 2 billion in the Berbice bridge, after the reshuffle the NBS then hastened to invest 1.5 Billion in what has been called Berbice river bridge bonds" according to one very well-known weekly columnist at the time "This investment in the Berbice River Bridge leaves NBS ‘betting' more than 40% of its accumulated profits, your profits, on the Berbice River Bridge Company which can interfere with the viability of the society and could prevent it from meeting its annual interest obligations of about G $800 million"   

   But apparently the matter did not end there and members of the staff were then targeted by being framed for numerous frauds which they apparently did not commit. That represents the face of Dr. Jagan's PPP today, not the lean and clean organisation he visualised but a ruthless, corrupt, vindictive entity.

   So the ombudsman has ruled, but I am not sure where the matter now stands, since also targeted in his report of criticism is our DPP Shalimar Ali Hack and her husband Sheik-ul-Hack, for the role they played in the matter. What we do know is that Jagdeo terrorised this man Arjoon from 2007 until 2010.  These are Mr. Arjoon's words to Ombudsman Moore "On June 1st 2007 two Managers and I were deliberately and maliciously charged for an alledged fraud which the Police and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) as well as the Board of Directors of NBS knew we did not commit, and which was also confirmed by seven investigations at the NBS. After 3 ½  years of blatant delays in the criminal court and without providing a shred of evidence of any wrongdoings my case was finally dismissed (and that of the other Managers a year later), despite the fact that the DPP had stated in a letter to the Board that she had Strong and Compelling evidence against us. This totally untrue statement, was subsequently repeated by the DPP to the Chancellor (ag).

     These people have the effrontery to tell us that in the bad old days of Burnham there was victimisation. I don't recall there ever being anything like this then. I know that I was personally targeted for victimisation and it was bad, and in the process I lost my business, but hopefully on 11 May 2015, Mr. Arjoon and I will finally see justice done. Everyone who conspired against these people including the DPP and Nanda Gopaul who acted as a hatchet man for Jagdeo in this matter, will pay for using the judicial system to mischievously persecute these men simply for doing their jobs for the people.

   Today 19th April 2015 I read in the newspaper that the local entities including NIS and NBS which were forced to invest in the Berbice river bridge, are now all in a perilous situation since the bridge company is an economic disaster just as the rest of Guyana is.